Working from Home with Kids – How you can Stay Productive

Nowadays, with more and more people realizing the benefits of working at home, you may already be taking advantage of it yourself. When you work at home, there are a lot less that you need to worry about when it comes to expenses, such as gas or fare, change of clothes, dining outside, etc. To top it all off, you can be at a closer proximity to your loved ones, especially your kids.

However, working at home does come with a few challenges as well. One of these is your parenting job. When they were still going to school, you probably had no serious distractions, which made you extremely productive. But what if school is already out? Will you still be able to do your job? Fortunately, being able to balance your work and your family life does not need to be complicated, as long as you know how to stay productive while working at home with your kids around. So to help you out, here are a few of the most effective tips to tackle productivity issues.

Establish your Work Expectations

To ensure that you will be able to do your job with or without distractions, you need to establish your work expectations. What do you intend to accomplish now that your kids are at home for the school break? It is wise that you will set expectations that are easier to reach since you definitely will be distracted from time to time. If you insist on doing extremely difficult tasks, you are sure to have a hard time completing them. Consider starting with simpler ones then gradually work your way up. Aside from not losing out on your productivity, you are also ensuring that you are keeping your work flow steady.

Gather your Kids and Talk to Them about your Work Expectations

If you keep on allowing your kids to just barge into your home office, you can expect your productivity levels to go down. So before this happens, you should already gather them around and talk to them about your work expectations. In much simpler words, ask them what you need from them, and they are highly likely going to give it to you. You should also consider rewarding them for their good behavior, such as taking them to the park. You can do this during your breaks or after you are done for the day.

Squeeze in Kid Breaks in your Work Schedule

It is easy to park yourself in front of the computer and then forget all about taking a break, especially with your kids. Working for long stretch of hours does not only diminish your creativity; it can also lead to health problems. So make sure that you also take breaks. For example, you can start at around 7AM then take your first quick break at around 9:30AM. You can play with your kids during this time or have them go with you on a walk around the neighborhood. Get back to work at 10AM and take another break for lunch. To maximize the time you have with your kids, consider having them help you prepare and make lunch. Take another quick break at the afternoon. Doing this will help you keep a fresh perspective, increasing your productivity while also being able to have time for your kids.

Having everything that you need to be able to work at home, including a dependable computer or a laptop and a superior telecoms platform like services being provided by RingCentral, is a must to stay productive. But with your kids around, there are a few other things that you will need, so keep in mind the tips mentioned above to ensure that you stay productive while school is out.

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I'm Nancy Perkins. I'm a writer enthusiast. I love to learn and explore almost everything about business and technology. I'm not a geek or nerd, I just love fresh ideas.

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I'm Nancy Perkins. I'm a writer enthusiast. I love to learn and explore almost everything about business and technology. I'm not a geek or nerd, I just love fresh ideas.

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