What Exactly Is WordPress? – A detailed report

WordPress could be described as a free media for CMS or content management system which is highly populated and are commonly used for publishing maximum blogs. The ratio by which it is used all over the world is quiet impressive as it successively holds the 3: 2000 share of the biggest websites. It came into existence in the year 2003 and it was remarkably noted that within 2007 it was downloaded for more than 32 million times. According to HuffingtonPost WordPress now powers 50 million blogs.


Why WordPress is Popular?

The major reason behind the popularity of WordPress is that it follows web template system. It makes it more user friendly and the ultimate user can easily re-arrange any kind of templates without undergoing botheration of editing the entire code of PHP or HTML. You must definitely check common WordPress mistakes that can be fatal before doing any modification on your coding palette. The alteration in the theme can be done in easiest manner and the editing of code could be done with the help of highest technology. It consist of a search with engine-friendly and clean permalink structure that means a URL which points at a particular page that are equally supported by website owners and freelancers. It makes their work too convenient.

An Easy-to-Use Tool

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WordPress is a helpful tool for tagging all kind of postings and articles and hence could be regard as the ideal destination for optimizing the ranking system of search engines. Automatic filters is added to it naturally for helping into the conversion of regular quotes into the smart quotes to facilitates the visitors while clicking any particular word and also to shift to any alternative or related content. The most important addition to WordPress is the superior quality plug-in architecture which permits to add any kind of features irrespective of basic capabilities. Plugins acts as a time saver for users. Numbers of this kind of plug-ins are enormous with equal quantity of widgets and themes to help the user to practice any kind of experiment they wish to do with their websites or blogs. Though best time saving WordPress plugins are not hard to find moreover they are available for free.

WordPress Pattern

The pattern of WordPress is based on theme and is constituted of webpage and images layouts to improve the look of your website. A theme which already exists can be used by you while planning for the layout of new page from any other application. The awareness of basic knowledge of HTML along with any other codes is not essential and the editing work which you need to perform is much simple to practice. A WordPress blog can use Typography to improve the user experience and look of the blog.

The procedure of WordPress is quiet similar to word processor. It is configured in a manner where the permission of access is granted to mass or limited public or at rigid levels so that the required contribution from people can be obtained for your blog or website. It is one of the major reasons for the popularity of WordPress among free lancers. It also facilitates to do the regular updating and aid the people for subscribing to the content of site with the help of RSS. Fresh content is always welcome by the search engines and through the permission of commenting on your site you can increase the ranking of your search engines. With the help of WordPress you can receive as well as respond to the comments from those who are reading them. These services add excitement and an innovative concept to your blog or website. You can use a plugin to include community news on your site so that bloggers from same niche can enter their new post helping everyone involved.


The interaction system of WordPress is completely web related and hence creation or editing is too convenient and you only need to possess internet connection to do it. It could be the reason that why media members, politicians, Professional bloggers and many others prefer WordPress. One other reason is it works everywhere and hence updating of sites or blogs becomes too easy task to achieve. It is hence not at all time bounded and your presence at any particular place to do it is not required. Twitter tools are also included in it and you need to download WordPress only once and you can enjoy all the features offered by it. It is a very simple tool with easy accessibility.

Author: Debarshi

This is a guest post by +Debarshi. He is a freelancer and owns Inspireyourway a web design blog dedicated to provide tips and useful information related to it.

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This is a guest post by +Debarshi. He is a freelancer and owns Inspireyourway a web design blog dedicated to provide tips and useful information related to it.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of WordPress and use it to build all my own websites as well as client sites. It is clean and easy to use, so once setup, updating is a snap. Good post here; thanks for sharing it.

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