What are the benefits of recycling my old gadgets and game consoles?

If you’re like me and millions of other people around the country, the chances are that you’ll have at least a couple of old gadgets and games consoles at the back of a cupboard or under the bed somewhere.

And while throwing them out is definitely the easy option, recycling your old gadgets and games consoles could actually be much more beneficial in the long run, both to you and the environment.

Clearing space in your home

One of the main benefits, and probably the driving force behind your clear out, is to free up storage space and give yourself more room in your home.

Huge amounts of cupboard, drawer, shelf and behind-the-sofa space can be clogged up with unnecessary chargers, consoles and handsets, so having a good clear out every couple of years is definitely a good idea.

Conserving natural resources

One of the main reasons to recycle instead of throwing away your electronics is that all of your gadgets are packed full of valuable components that can be stripped out and reused.

So even if your gadget hasn’t worked for years, it could still help to prevent new resources being mined or consumed. This both protects the environment and helps to keep the cost of the technology down.

Giving someone else the chance to own a gadget

There are plenty of companies out there that will recycle your old gadgets and game consoles, and many will even try to repair and refurbish them to bring them back into working condition.

These normally then get sold off cheaply, giving people the chance to own a gadget who otherwise would never have been able to afford one.

 Making money

If your gadget or games console isn’t too out of date, you can easily sell it and make back some of your initial investment.

Some recycling companies will pay you a small amount for your items, or you can look into selling them online yourself.

When I was looking to sell my Wii I found I could make enough money to make the time and effort that it took to research it more than worthwhile.

A good excuse for new gadgets

Last but definitely not least, getting rid of your old gadgets and games consoles gives you a great excuse to buy yourself some new ones.

Now that you’ve got acres of empty cupboard space and a few extra pounds in your pocket, what better to spend it on than a brand spanking new electronic device.

So next time you’re searching through your old gadgets, don’t just throw them away: take a few minutes to recycle them, and before you know it both you and the environment will be better off.

Hi, I’m Gabriel Aalders, a committed gadget fan as well as a keen environmentalist. I write, read and blog about anything and everything to do with responsible design and manufacturing and enjoy sharing my views on choosing to sell my Wii and recycle old gadgets with the world.

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