What are some of the new developments that have hit social media platform

The social media is a whirl of activities where one platform is ‘in’ while others are constantly going ‘out’, and it doesn’t take much time to go ‘out’.An obvious example Rout, which was quickly swept over by Facebook. These platforms are constantly offering newer and better services to the users, and to the less techno-savvy person, this can seem to be a confusing jumble and hustle bustle of activities.

These are some of the relatively newer and perhaps lesser known developments in the social media that are nonetheless, gaining fame and popularity, and are harnessing an increasing number of audiences. If you want to go for a full-fledged promotion of your brand, these social media can help you with that, and knowledge of these is a must.

Pinterest Group Board

You can pin on individual boards on Pinterest. You can collaborate with others as well by pinning to contributor boards. This leads to increased exposure because the more the members of the board, the more publicity of your pin amongst those people. And fellow contributors can also see the pin, alongside their followers, hence increased viewership. Pinterest is of great value to small businesses and bloggers and gaining more and more audience every day.

Wise use of Pinterest:

You can do this by choosing an appealing image from your blog post that is to be pinned. The title of the blog post must be seen on the image so that people know what this is about. The description must contain the related keywords and hashtags if needed. If a person is related to your post you can mention them as @person on Pinterest so that it adds the URL on your post. This enables greater visibility. And the person may also be tempted to tag your post on his or her social media.


It constantly updates its feed of images added by and with a viewership of over 100 million users. What you can do to promote your blog is that you can share the image of your blog, containing the post title, so that people will be tempted to view the blog. It also uses hashtag, plus, you can use the same image that you shared to Pinterest for added traffic.


Images can be easily saved on dropbox, which is accessible from any mobile device. The picture can then be uploaded to Integral. Also add relative hashtags and URLs of the blog. Use bigly to track the number of click-through. The image from Integral can be shared on Tumbler, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and quartet for added publicity and hype

Because Twitter no longer displays the image from Integral but rather only provides the link, IFTTT can be used instead.

By harnessing these new and focused platforms, you can gain a wider consumer base for your product, because in this age of increased use of the internet, more than half the marketing is done online, leading to greater competition for attention.


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