Unlocking the Persuasive Power of Social Media for Shopify eCommerce Success!

Many social media platforms are well-known for their engaged audiences where users are spending more of time. Bringing in the prowess of such platforms shall definitely allow you to unlock multiple sources to generate web traffic and boost business growth.

For some choosing a perfect social media platform or making a compelling social media marketing strategy can be a daunting task. It can also be time-consuming if you don’t know how to make an impact initially on the audience.

That’s why I have put together this piece of writing that will walk through a brief introduction to social media commerce, its appropriate significance in eCommerce success, and tips to implement a powerful social media marketing while asking Shopify development agency for designing templates or other marketing campaigns.

To start with,

Social media is a shifting tide in the digital world. It doesn’t only allow you to communicate with others but also holds the ability to influence individuals.

This influential capability of social media posts opens up the doors of opportunities for retailers. Nowadays, we must have seen that individuals advertise apparels, cosmetics, or other accessories in their personal accounts of Instagram, etc.

They can also tag the company or brand of the products with a few tappable buttons as well that easily take others to the brands’ website to complete the purchase.

All this is fairly called a social media marketing that takes advantage of influential capacity of platforms like Instagram and further, cuts down the long purchase journey of customers with different brands.


– Build brand awareness,

– Encourage user engagement,

– A cost-effective way of business growth,

– Allow targeting and retargeting.

Best Practices for A Compelling Social Media Marketing Strategy

Any kind of marketing strategy in context to your online business growth requires a lot of trials and testing; you can never simply come out with a thought and implement it accurately in one go.

There is always a well-planned and tested pathway to ensure success. The same is with a social media marketing approach.

To name a few, below are steps that you can follow. Let’s get started!

Figure Out Your Target Audience

A fair understanding of your customer is always requisite to plan a marketing strategy. Though it is a time-consuming task to build a rich context regarding audience, there is always a well-planned way to find a shortcut.

To know more about your target audience, you can look for psychographic and demographic customer data or observe their past purchase behavior to figure out the potential consumers (who are more likely to buy from you).

Be clear about the products and services that you deal in as it is only then you can capture the right audience. For instance, if you are selling dogs’ food, there is no point of pitching to a mass audience where there are no dog lovers.

Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram holds a database of millions of users. And, not all of them are interested in your services.

All you need to do is check your competitor’s page who is dealing in the similar services that you are offering. Try joining the groups or campaigns that they are practicing on social media environment.

A Compelling Content Strategy

Managing a social media network depends upon posts that you share over there. Be it a video or image or hashtags below them, you need to be precise, relevant, and compelling in those.

Additionally, you can choose to produce a different content series on distinctive social media channels. You also need to display a perfect blend of variety and consistency in your content.

Some of the powerful content mixes that you can choose to have on your social media platforms includes running contests or giveaways, meetups or learning opportunities, Q&A, inspirational, news, and others.

Apart from this, you can also choose to post shareable social media posts that can also help them in a certain way. It shall not only allow you to reach a wider audience but also to spread a good word of mouth.

At last, I would like to state that social media prowess has emerged as a boon to eCommerce trade. Many customers are successfully purchasing via social media platforms.

To ensure success, all you need to do is think and implement a marketing strategy that can allow this social trend to work in your favor.

Author: anujsharma

I am an e Commerce developer and currently working for a leading web design & development company 'The Brihaspati Infotech'.

Article written by

I am an e Commerce developer and currently working for a leading web design & development company 'The Brihaspati Infotech'.

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