Unknown Cryptocurrencies with Great Potential to Rock the Market

Cryptocurrencies are really great at making breaking news. They can surprise us anytime. It all started with a launch of the most popular and with the highest market cap, Bitcoin. It has created a lot of buzz in the recent years. This buzz makes a lot of noise and the people with good understanding of financial market know the possibilities of this new technology.

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The crypto market has every reason to become a trend; it is unique and without any boundary. Everybody wants to be free and crypto did it. We aren’t bounded by any financial restriction in it. Transactions are fast and easy. Whenever the crypto values go up, the investors become the happiest people on earth. It is an easy game for them to get unexpected returns.

Today, it has been years since the first crypto got into the market and we can see hundreds of cryptocurrencies trying to survive the competition. Some of them are really popular like the Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP. They are like the kings of the whole cryptocurrency world. But, no king can stay forever at the luxurious seat.

Only a few people know about the cryptocurrencies, which aren’t so popular. But, they have every ability to get to the top of the list.

Following are the cryptocurrencies, which we are talking about. These cryptos don’t make any noise ever. But, this doesn’t mean that they have failed in their missions:

  1. Oyster Pearl (PRL)

This is an Altcoin, which solves one of the most annoying problems, which users of the websites face regularly. What are Advertisements? They are used in websites so that the site owners can pay their bills. But, since there are various ad blockers available, users can get rid of these ads and the site owner becomes the loss bearer.

To solve this problem, Oyster Pearl allows the visitors to get rid of the ads and also let the site owners pay their bills. PRL uses a distributed ledger to store the users’ files. It makes use of the visitor’s CPU and GPU power to maintain the ledger. It then pays the website owner to integrate itself into the site. It has high volume, but low market cap. It can grow with all this.

2. MyWish

It is a platform, which makes the creation and usage of smart contracts easy. Smart contracts are commonly developed through Ethereum, which allows trading. But, it needs programming and technical knowledge. So, that is why, MyWish is here. It allows the creation of Wedding contracts, lost key contracts, will contracts and some more. The future lies in this because of the growing pop06ularity of smart contracts.

3. Deep Brain Chain (DBC)

This platform is pretty intelligent because it provides a decentralized system for the AI based computers. It solves the problem of high-hardware usage by the AI machines. DBC uses the resources of all the connected computers to make the AI processes smoother. A Blockchain development company helps in this process, as this platform uses blockchain.

4. Nebulas (NAS)

NAS has potential because it is the only search engine, which is based on the blockchain. It uses a distributed search framework. The interesting thing about Nebulas is that it can predict smart contracts, which are quite useful for the users of the smart contracts.

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