Guidelines for Guest Posts

I welcome guest posts here at Riches Corner. They give the readers fresh perspectives beyond what I can provide. I also learn a lot from the guest posts.

Here are two reasons why you may want to write a guest post:

  1. You will help people through your writing
    This is always a good thing. While you already help people through your blog, by writing here you can help even more people since you reach a new audience.
  2. You will get exposure for your work
    Since your guest post includes links to your work (such as your blog), it means that your work will get exposure to thousands of people. This is not to mention potentially thousands others who may come to your post through social media sites and search engines.

Here are a few ways that you and your articles will be promoted once it’s published:

  • Once a post is published, it will automatically be tweeted out to my twitter and facebook followers
  • All the popular search engines and social bookmarking sites are automatically pinged.
  • Easy submission to social bookmarking

You may choose any topic for your post having to do with money and technology such as: SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, marketing through social media, personal finance and generally anything to do with making or saving money online. I encourage you to be imaginative and inspiring.  If you have a story to tell, please feel free to tell your story.  These are general guidelines, but I am open to reviewing any submission that you feel can inspire the aspiring blogger, writer or freelancer.  The important thing is that it provides useful value for the readers.

Of course, there are some guidelines for the post:

  1. Original.  It can’t be a post that has been posted on your own blog or anywhere else before. In other words, it must be a new post.  No spun or duplicated content!
  2. Images can say a thousand words.  While not required, if you are able to add images to your post to give the reader additional value, I would gladly welcome them in your guest post.
  3. Please ensure that your post is non-commercial in nature.  This is to ensure quality of content for our readers.  The content in this blog is geared towards giving valuable information to our readers about personal finance and technology, saving, investing, making money online and the various related topics such as SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, marketing through social media.
  4. If you create a list post, please ensure the lists are practical and scannable. The readers love them.
  5. You may link to sites that provide relevant information to your topic of choice to give additional value to the reader.  (Additional value meaning informative.  This means more than just a simple link with anchor text.  Please no affiliate links)  I would also encourage reading through the blog and linking to any articles that are related to your post.  You may link to your site or blog in your profile.
  6. Please No affiliate links.  This includes links to landing pages, sales pages, product pages, etc…  I consider these types of posts as advertisements.  If you wish to advertise on this site, please visit our sponsorship page.  It takes time and effort to run this blog.  Your support helps keep us operational.  Thank you!
  7. Please take the time to fill out your information completely in your user profile.  The author bio is generated automatically below your post.  (See the bottom of this article for an example)  If you wish to link back to your personal blog or other personally relevant site so the readers can get to know you, please put those in your user profile.  (Author’s Bios placed in the body of the article will be moved to your profile.)

Full disclosure of agency / client / partner relationships is required at all times, and our editors reserve the right to remove self-promotional content and links, as well as make significant edits to content and headlines.

All accepted contributors must agree to provide original content, with exclusive rights granted to Riches Corner for a period of TWO years.

If you submit articles that skirt my linking policy, please be aware that they may be published with the no follow attribute, assuming that they meet all the other guidelines. These guidelines are posted for a reason and I assume that you’ve read them.
I encourage self promotion in the author bio.  However, the purpose is to allow the authors to promote themselves and for the readers to get to know the authors.  Please do not use the Author Bio as a method to backlink or promote products.  To ensure that the Author Bio does not become a haven for skirting my linking policy, all links in the Author Bios will be designated no-follow.
If you are looking to promote your website or product, please take a look at my sponsored post page. Thank you.

These are simply guidelines, certainly I would review any and all submissions for publication.  Just keep in mind that you greatly enhance your chances to be published here if you adhere to these guidelines.

If you wish to publish a post for the purpose of promoting your website or product, I do accept sponsored posts.  You can read more about sponsoring this blog here.

Guest Post Submission Form

Guest Post Submisstion


I reserve the right to edit the posts as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject posts that I feel are not appropriate for this web site.  In order to combat any potential spam or misuse, I reserve the right to review any links in your submissions and may change links to rel=nofollow.

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