Social Media: Best way to use Instagram for business promotion

Since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for the whopping amount of one billion dollars two years before, this video and photo sharing application is seen with massive user growth and traction among a number of brands and users. Despite being owned by the popular social media site, Instagram still continue to stand out different in the social networking world and has maintained its sheen and independence, which cannot be ignored by anyone. In fact, most of the Fortune 500 companies are seen realizing the importance and effectiveness of using Instagram (like Red Bull, Forever 21, Nike, etc). If you are still to use this particular application to promote your business, it is yet not too late to use it for your business marketing. The following are some of the best ways to use Instagram for business promotion.

Unleash your creativity with photos

Whether you are dealing with any product, services or promoting any event or organization, you can very easily showcase your business using effective photographs. Whether you own a tattoo parlor or run a bakery, you have the option of portraying different tattoos or tasty cakes in the form of pictures. You also can think of putting all about the things happening in your business right from the things like customers, funny moments, employees, etc. and even your business neighborhood. You just have to share all the interesting things about your business in the most creative ways. Fortunately, Instagram unveils you a wide range of options to showcase your business using pictures and videos.

Run a contest

As you know everyone loves to be a winner, you have the option of running different contests over Instagram. This is one of the best ways for businesses to harness traction over their websites. Instead of mere asking the visitors to post any image you have already taken, try asking your followers and customers to capture their own pictures showcasing your business in some way or the other. Don’t forget to use the hashtags in order to curate them together and then choose the right winner. If you take the example of big businesses leveraging from Instagram, GE is one of the companies seen active on this platform. It renders its followers with different pictures, which they have taken inside their factories and labs. The company had one contest over Instagram wherein it had asked the users to take pictures for which they received 4000 submissions, while the winner was given a free trip to UK and the opportunity to visit their jet engine plant based in Wales.

Use filters to drive attention

Let’s face it, when you use filters you simply enhance the attractiveness of your pictures. In fact, Instagram is nothing but a toolkit of filters, which can help in getting good attention from the visitors. All you need to do is to get creative, artsy and start using some of your best judgment in order to select the right filter for all your contents.

Tag other people or brands in your posts

Instagram helps you tag the posts of others hence make sure you take the benefit of the same. You have the option of tagging any celebrity wearing your product in your pictures or simply tag a number of brands that are very much relevant to the content posts. Tagging is regarded as one of the best social feature found over Instagram, hence it is recommended to use them sparingly as and when you get.

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