Snapchat, Instagram, & Vine: Trends Of The New Social Media

Like a baby taking its first steps, it all started out on MySpace. We all had fun, (blogging, mood updates, making our profiles colorful, etc.), but soon we grew old of our childish stage and matured on to Facebook. Dominating social media for several years, Facebook forced MySpace to become obsolete.

Persistent on challenging Facebook’s power, Jack Dorsey birthed Twitter to compete for the best social media. However, although Twitter held its ground and established itself as a high social power, Facebook still sat on the throne until it recently where it has ultimately destroyed itself.

But through the downfall of one social media outlet, three more erupted as strong competitors in the race and currently are on the rise. Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram. And although Snapchat is the red-headed step-child of the three, all of these new social media outlets are gaining momentum and power and taking advantage of Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace for very simple reasons.


Since 1826, photos have molded and flourished in society as they originally proved to be the perfect substitute for immortality and memories. Today, however, pictures also serve as a form of sharing our lives with everybody else.

Although Vine specializes in video and Snapchat deletes pictures after the inputted time limit, social media lovers flock toward Instagram in the photo department as it serves to be a scrapbook of memories and fun times for the user.

Pictures, however, are beginning to dominate social media as they are quicker, more detailed, and more personal than a status may ever be. Social media users can now post pictures of their liking to be seen by all through Instagram, or simply choose to send temporary pictures in the form of a silly face, embarrassing occurrence, or a naughty image (if you’re into that) through Snapchat!


Perhaps the biggest current social media trend is recording, sending, and receiving videos to and from other social media users. Although pictures serve to be great memory refreshers and time capsules, videos offer a substance that no picture can ever fulfill, audio. Rather than showing a picture of your puppy, newborn baby, or the crazy party you went to, why not show your puppy running and barking at the vacuum, baby saying, “dada”, or friends screaming and jumping to the blasting music at a house party?

All three of the rising social media platforms, (Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram), utilize and offer video to the user as a form of sharing their lives with others. Until recently, however, Instagram only supported videos; but, with the newest update, users can now upload/view fifteen second videos on their newsfeed.

Clean Newsfeed

For years users have been able to upload pictures to Facebook, write statuses, and even post a 30 minute video if they desired. But, if Facebook is more than capable of doing everything Vine and Instagram can do, why has it crumbled as an elite social media? The answer is simple. The past has come back to haunt us.

Remember when Facebook just started, and we all were so fascinated by liking every single page, (for example, “The mini heart attack you get when you miss a step on the stairs”), that we found funny or relatable? Well those pages have brought the death of Facebook as they all have stabbed us in the backs!

Think about it, the Facebook newsfeed used to be filled with funny statuses, cool pictures our friends posted, party events, etc.  Now, every time we log on, our news feed is clogged by those pages with pictures saying “Share in 30 seconds if you love God or you love Satan” or “Like for the starving African children”, as if a simple mouse click will magically fill their stomachs with water and healthy food! Instead of the old Facebook, now we constantly have to scroll down and load new pages just to see one simple status that we may not even enjoy!


Snapchat provides fun for a few weeks, but quickly gets too old and boring. After all, how many times can you take a picture of the same face? While it is still somewhat popular now, Snapchat is falling off the top of the social media mountain and will soon join the same ranks as MySpace.

Vine, I believe, will also hit a wall soon enough. When Vine was first created, people described it as, “an Instagram but with videos,” and that’s exactly what it is. However, ever since Facebook bought out Instagram they have been on a mission to control the social media market once again. Just recently, Instagram has released an update to allow users to post fifteen second videos in addition to photos, stealing away the only reason of success for Vine and leading Instagram to hold the social media mountain for some time to come.


With the trends of these three specific social media outlets, I am confident plenty other media platforms will be invented to re-establish pictures, videos, and a clean newsfeed as they tend to compete for the top social spot. However, a social media outlet that lacks any of the three points listed above will not last much longer as there will always be another media looking to improve upon and steal its spotlight.

Thia article was written by Louis DiPaolo Jr., blogger for Avoka Technologies. When Louis isn’t blogging he enjoys exercising, watching movies and spendig time with friends.

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This article was submitted by a guest blogger.  Guest blogging provides an avenue to share a variety of different points of view with a broad audience.  It is a good way to share cumulative knowledge as well as introducing readers to a new author.  Learn more about how to become a contributor for Riches Corner.

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