Relationship Between Adjustment and Happiness

Happiness pursuit is an important issue for a modern person. Everyone wishes to feel satisfaction with his/her life but faces the issue of selecting methods of happiness pursuit. In the contemporary world, happiness adjustment methods gain popularity providing a person with simple tools of happiness stimulation. However, the problem of relationship between adjustment and happiness is still relevant. The solution to this question provides the definition of comparably easy tools of happiness pursuit.

The Relationship Between Happiness and Adjustment

To answer the question about the necessity of happiness adjustment, it is first advisable to find the causes of happiness. The clarification of this issue will allow to decide whether the causes of happiness can be adjusted by a person and in which way the person can reach happiness state. The consideration of the presented literature will also help to provide the answer to the question about the present link between the lack of adjustment and unhappiness state. In this way, about it can be inferred that happiness adjustment is important.

At first sight, the definition of happiness sources seems to be a simple task. However, it is quite difficult to distinguish the basic cause of happiness, because it is an extremely subjective category, which is not subject to classification. Contemporary surveys show that the majority of the experiments’ participants characterize themselves as happy people despite many factors that decrease the happiness level, such as the low wealth level or poor health. Some researchers claim that, Empirical surveys consistently find that the vast of respondents – even those who are poor or disabled – characterize themselves as fairly happy. In the article “The Roots of Happiness: An Empirical Analysis” by Weiten, Dunn & Hammer, the classification of happiness causes is presented. In this way, the authors consider the least important, moderate, and the most important factors of people’s happiness. Based on the results of this evaluation, one can answer the question about the effectiveness of happiness adjustment as a tool of influence of happiness causes. The least important factors are wealth level, age, gender, parenthood, intelligence, and physical attractiveness. They have no significant effect on the happiness level. More significant happiness causes are the state of human’s health, the characteristics of individual’s social activity, religion, and culture. Important factors of a person’s happiness are love, marriage, and relationship satisfaction as well as work, genetics, and personality. This information allows to make a conclusion about the use of adjustment as a tool of happiness stimulation.

As seen from the list of happiness factors, adjustment is not always the ultimate tool of happiness encouraging. Such factors as culture or genetics cannot be changed significantly by adjustment. Nevertheless, the majority of happiness factors can be adjusted, which makes adjustment a useful tool of happiness stimulation. Adjustment is important to provide people’s happiness. Still, the definition of adjustment necessity is needed to evaluate the importance of this method of happiness stimulation.

The Necessity of Happiness Adjustment

The main condition to reach personal happiness, according to the current investigations, is to have the goal and aim to reach it. This circumstance brings a certain sense to a person’s life and defends him/her from boredom and monotony of everyday life. The absence of life purpose is the main reason of unhappiness, which literally cuts the ground from under the feet. Without the goal, a person becomes apathetic, passive, and indecisive. It leads only to negative aftermaths in human’s life and causes disappointment and unhappiness. Adjustment is necessary in order to reach the target.

If the anticipate that this particular desire or goal or objective will not be achieved … the frustration, will ensue. In this way, unhappiness is considered as a result of the lack of adjustment, the consequence of human inaction. In his book Happiness Pursued, Shubel Hudson Oven considers happiness planning methodology as a basic tool of happiness adjustment. Happiness is the anticipation of the fulfillment of the desire. In this way, the basis of happiness adjustment is the human efforts to reach the desired goal.

Oven offers two methods of happiness planning – to adjust the objective and to adjust the time frame. Besides, the combination of these methods is possible. This strategy allows to evaluate the time needed to reach the goal and to motivate a person to reach the target in the appropriate period of time. If the goal is not reached in time, it is possible to correct the time frame plan and maintain the positive state of a person needed to achieve the objective.

When the time frame adjustment method does not provide conditions for a transfer from the state of frustration into a state of happiness, goal adjustment is available. It provides a person with the possibility of happiness planning by the correction of the chosen target. The person should re-examine the earlier chosen goal and decide whether it is still reasonable and can be reached in perspective. In this case, the person can make a decision about the abandonment of the goal, its correction or further actions to achieve it.

As seen from the earlier analysis, the reason of happiness adjustment is mainly the definition of the characteristics of a person’s purpose and the increase of the motivation to further activity, which leads to the positive state of human’s mood called happiness. Adjustment is an objective and relevant tool of happiness pursuit, which cannot be excluded from a person’s life. A person’s happiness is mainly determined by one’s own decisions and actions that provide a person with circumstances for self-satisfaction. Even if there are objective factors in a person’s life, which can cause the state of frustration, it depends on a person whether to choose the passive mode of action and fall into apathy or to make a decision about the importance of a new goal achievement, and to exert every effort to reach the target and become a happy person.

The necessity of happiness adjustment can also be proved by the presence of many methods of happiness pursue. Among them are physical exercise, spending more time with family and friends, and meditation. Exercise has such a profound effect on our happiness and well-being that it’s actually been proven to be an effective strategy for overcoming depression.

In this way, the most efficient method of happiness achievement is adjustment, which can be expressed in different ways. The main idea is that the happiness pursuit requires a person’s activity. The absence of adjustment causes only negative emotions and the state of frustration.

The Happiness Adjustment Rate

There are many contemporary methods of happiness evaluation. Each of them considers different characteristics of a person’s happiness and offers their estimation. This essay provides the analysis of two methods of happiness rate and the criteria for satisfaction evaluation. Besides, it discusses the criteria of happiness adjustment rate.

Mainly, the contemporary happiness rate method is a brief test, in which a person answers questions about his/her state of mood. The choice of the evaluation criteria depends on the specifics of the test. Responses are measured in the range from 1 to 7 points, and the sum is counted. Based on the existing evaluation tools, there can be distinguished such criteria of the happiness level evaluation: the ability to achieve chosen goals, satisfaction with all life aspects, relationship with family and friends, satisfaction with the chosen work, and the presence of will to change life.

In addition, such criteria of happiness adjustment evaluation can be proposed: the level of difficulty developing certain lifestyle, difficulties with being a responsive person, the presence of strong will, and the habit of life planning.

Rating myself on each criterion, I can say that I am a happy person able to reach most of chosen goals and satisfied with the majority of life aspects. Besides, I have a perfect relationship with family and best friends, I am notably satisfied with my job, and have no great desire to change my life. Evaluating the adjustment of the happiness level, I can say that the adjustment does not become problematic for me. I have developed certain lifestyle stimulating happiness in my life. I also try to be a responsive person and obtain a will to change myself in order to be happy person.

Happiness is a completely subjective notion and cannot be evaluated for all people in general. In this way, no simple method of happiness stimulation can be developed. Still, the necessity of happiness adjustment is obvious. It provides a person with the reason to live and the targets to achieve. Besides, the happiness adjustment methodology offers certain practical tools of happiness stimulation by giving a person a possibility to choose among its variety. The absence of adjustment in a person’s life causes frustration and leads to apathy.

About the author: Paul Martinez is a former journalist, who knows how powerful a word could be. He is a blogger and writer at Writer-elite company. He is happy to share the experience with those who are only learning. The motto: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

Author: PaulMartinez

As a former journalist, I know how powerful a word could be. Now I'm a blogger and writer at Writer-elite company. Working with experts in academic writing is a pleasure. And I happy to share my experience with those who are only learning. My motto: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

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As a former journalist, I know how powerful a word could be. Now I'm a blogger and writer at Writer-elite company. Working with experts in academic writing is a pleasure. And I happy to share my experience with those who are only learning. My motto: Live the life you love, love the life you live.

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