Regular Kinds of Metal Detectors

Metal detecting technology is making its way into all walks of life today. The application covers security system, food safety, archeological exploration, treasure hunting, mining and so on. What are the kinds of metal detectors that mostly seen in our life? Here we would like to name a few for brief information.

What comes first is walk through metal detector. If you ever take notice, you possibly know that such equipment is nothing rare but one of the necessity equipments for the security of many public locations. Such equipments are used at airport safety check point as the safety entrance to locate any hidden suspicious or dangerous metallic objects carried by passengers, for example explosives, knives, guns etc. Also the kind of detecting equipment is also typically found used as the guarding door for many institutions such as schools, hotels, hospital. In recent years, there has been continuous outbreak of campus shooting or injuring incidents. The security issue of school is always a public concern. The application of walkthrough metal locator can really help prevent such tragedy by keep out dangerous weapon outside. Another purpose is for anti-theft especially for locations such as electronic factory, jewelry factory, supermarket etc.

Another kind of metal detecting device typically used for security is handheld type metal detector, which is commonly found in the hands of security personnel. This is a much more flexible solution for security check compared with walk through door. The key is, such device is mostly used to assist with walk through door detecting. At security check point in airport or train station, there is possibly the staff hold this sensitive handheld locator, swing it over your body after you pass the walk through door. Certainly, there has been a lot debate about the metal detecting checking in public security check points, because it may also cause inconveniences to passengers in case of giving false alarm to normal objects like watch, jewelry or even mobile phone. The situation has been much more approve with the progress of technology with better sensitivity and ability to identify the target objects, for example, the latest  Cei HI-PE detectorall  multi zone walk through metal detector.

Another kind of metal detector is also what many of you may be interested it, treasure hunting detector. Equipments fall in the scope is designed for finding valuables underground or underwater. If you dig deeper, you will find also a super wide variety in concern of using the equipment for treasure finding. To name a few, gold hunting, coins relic shooting, beach combing, scuba hunting and so on. For many of us, things like that are always far enough to arouse our interest. It is not just about the attraction of finding treasure, but also the spirit of exploring, the mysterious historic legends…

Nowadays, there are even detectors designed specifically for the different preferences to bring better accuracy and efficiency. If you spare a few time to dig in, there is a vast world of detecting tech stuff out there.

Author: Asley

Asley has been involved in amatuer wiritng of metal detecting hobby related topic since late 2012. Would welcome any comment and share of experience of topic concerned.

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Asley has been involved in amatuer wiritng of metal detecting hobby related topic since late 2012. Would welcome any comment and share of experience of topic concerned.

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