5 Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know for A Profitable 2018

E-commerce shopping and even business idea could be considered the new cool, no one wants to go out and shop and neither are people interesting in opening big marts which are helpful in one area of simply one city. The answer to all of this is the e-commerce websites.

In the article we will be knowing about the E-commerce Trends You Need to Know for A Profitable 2018. In a recent data that was released by U.S. census bureau shows impressive growth for the e-commerce industry, with online revenue steadily eating into an additional 1.5 percent of total retail sales every year over the past several years.

Let us know about the latest trend that are making the business ideas of e-commerce flourish and grow in the present frame.


  1. A huge global market –

One of the best things that come with ecommerce websites is that it is a global market, as we discussed in the introduction section that it would become very difficult to earn huge profits, if we plan to put on a retail store in one city or even a chain in a country. On the other side of the coin, ecommerce websites are a global market, they help us shop from any corner of the world at a particular website, if it is on the world wide web.

It would not be a big task to buy a small keyring from a U.S. vendor sitting in Australia, if it is available on a ecommerce website. In fact, in a recent, it was reported that more 57 percent of shoppers polled had purchased from an overseas retailer within the period of just six months.


  1. Look beyond the giant – Amazon

Amazon is projected in the market to make up, half of the total market sale in the field of ecommerce websites available in the world. It is a massive market and is known to be covering more than half by the year 2021. The third – party merchants are accounted for a massive amount of 11.98 billion dollars in sales on Amazon during the first quarter of 2017 alone, signalling the power smaller brands have to take advantage of the ecommerce behemoth’s platform.

You can sell your products on various other websites on an online basics or can create your own for that matter. However, it is a new trend to manufacture goods and sell it on portals like that of the giant Amazon and walnut.

Also, using a system like Channel Ape allows you to connect all of your ecommerce integrations into your current systems.


  1. Personalisation is the key –

Marketing personalisation is a two – way process, merchants have the ability to gather up all kinds of data about their customers and all the other prospects than ever before. Meanwhile, it is also a truth that personalisation has become one of the most important prospects for the customers and consumers these days,

In the starting phase, we could talk about personalised shopping expectations are all based on the demographics, previous buying and buyer experience, the browsing history and more. If you have data it is easy to personalise something in the website or for the consumer. This is one of the most budding trends of 2018 if the talk is about the ecommerce websites.


  1. Chatbot conversations should be given good power –

According to the data from the eMarketer, it is proved that more than half of today’s social media users prefer to use messenger apps to connect with the big brand names, rather than tuning in to email, phone, or a traditional live chat session. Enter the chatbot, which is able to reach customers and give responses and answers to the questions in real – time, learning more about the same and personalising their shopping experience based on the responses delivered by them.

Moreover, the new found chatbots could be engaging with shoppers, without requiring them to install a native app. Chatbots could be integrated with famous platforms like that of – Skype, Kik and even the famous Facebook Messengering system, WhatsApp is also in the league.


  1. The chances of fraud are negligible –

Retailers are known to lose billions and millions of dollars each year, courtesy to the frauds that happen in the society. Security and specialised services are something which each one of us is looking in a business frame. While there are already too ways for merchants to prevent the fraud, expect security to become a bigger priority in the coming years.

According to a report from CyberSource’s 2017 Online Fraud Benchmark shows that 58% of merchants considered that their address verification service should be one of their three most effective fraud – prevention tools that should be used. Other useful service were the verifications of the cards, fingerprints and many more, phone authentication and many more so that they could save themselves from any kind of frauds. Somewhere around 62 percent of merchants called the chargeback rate to be one of the most important and key performance indicators.


In the coming years, it is sure that we will be seeing many more traders and retailers shifting their businesses online as it has become the new cool and people have started enjoying buying and selling online more than on any other possible medium. It is more globalised. Easily reachable as well as customer friendly to grow your empire to great heights in the near future. If you follow the above – mentioned pointers it will be way easy for you to provide to the consumers on the real time basis.

How I Used Coupons To Host My Blog For Super Cheap

I have always been passionate about telling my stories to the world. If I get a chance to speak, there is no stopping me. Most of the times it is my own opinion about the world and life in general but sometimes I say wise things too. Three years ago I thought to myself why not use the internet to say what I need to say. Like many people, I thought about starting a blog.

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Your online presence is crucial for your business even if the end transaction does not happen online. Mind you this presence can set you back a lot of money, especially if you are a startup or a one-man operation. Web designing, domain, hosting, social media marketing etc. can add up to hundreds even thousands of dollars at the end of the year. However, if you play smart and do a little hunt you can find cheap options and coupon codes. Work them together and you walk away with a great service at a low cost. Who doesn’t want that?

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