Most Common WiFi Extender Issues And How To Resolve Them

WiFi extenders are a smart way to enjoy your wireless network in all corners of your office or house. Companies like Netgear have brought really enterprise-grade range extenders that have life simpler for users. However, things frustrate when a technical issue occurs with the device and you don;’t know what to do to resolve it.

Don’t worry! You are not alone.

Many users report on support forums about the different issues they are facing such as WiFi not working or forgetting the password. Such hiccups obstruct your online tasks and slow things down. It’s always annoying when no satisfactory replies come up.

Instead of scratching your head for some reliable solution more, you can rather scroll down the post and get your device fixed by yourself. In case you need some expert help, you can contact a professional agency to fix this for you in a matter of minutes.

Let’s take a look at some common issues occurring with Netgear WiFi extender setup and reliable fixes for these issues.

How To Resolve Issues With Your WiFi Repeater Or Extender

Unable To See An Available Network

Sometimes, a specific network doesn’t appear on the list of your available WiFi networks. This is annoying because you are unable connect with the network you are supposed to be. In that event, you can do perform the following actions to make the network show up on the list:

  • First off, see the WiFi icon on your smart device and gadget to see if there is no “x” sign
  • If the WiFi icon on your device is active, then it’s the problem with your cable modem and/or router
  • Check whether the WiFi network that you are trying to access if turned on properly
  • Make sure the power supply if full for all your modem, router, and extender (if it is wired)

A recommended solution to this problem is using a wireless range extender since wired connections have to depend on power supply. In case of fluctuations, wired devices suffer a lot and the WiFi network might not be available on the list.

Correct Password But Connection Still Failing

A username and password is required for installation and login to your extender. Only then you will be connected with your preferred wireless network. Sometimes, when you try to do it, the setup wizard doesn’t connect you with the network.

To fix this problem, first of all, check whether the password you have entered is correct. You might be recalling the word (set as the password) right but there could be some confusion about the letter case. So check for small and capital letters and then, add your password again.

Furthermore, make sure that the network you have selected and providing the password for is the right one. After you have double checked everything, try accessing your Netgear extender login again with your wireless network.

Inconsistent Network Connectivity

Intermittent WiFi connection is the most occurred issue with wireless boosters. There can be any reason why you are facing this issue. First of all, check whether your range extender and router are getting proper power supply. Also, check if there is no obstruction like microwave oven or Bluetooth devices to block the WiFi signals.

Another solution is to move your repeater close to the router it is connected with. Besides, you can also switch the frequency band on your extender if supports dual frequencies.

In case you are still facing any issues with your WiFi booster, you can ask for professional’s help online to guide you with assured solutions.

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