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Local SEO is the right option for small local business, as search results are specific to a particular location. If customers aren’t located worldwide, there is no need to appear first in SERPs in all searches, but only in the local ones. To improve the results of local search, your Page Rank can be pushed by SEO strategy.

Since mobile devices, like Smartphone or tablets, in particular, are increasingly and widely used in local searches, you must implement a combination of both local and mobile SEO strategies to get to the top, and help customers find you more easily.

Claiming Your Local Listings

Your listings should appear on important and well-known directory sites, such as Google Local, Google Places, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local, and Yelp. There are more directories you can be part of; Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, Linkedin, City search and MapQuest. Most of these sites are used by Android, iOs in mobile devices. As soon as you ask for a listing you must take into account that they should be SEO-friendly by updating your current information, or adding information about your business and posting photos.

Optimizing for Mobile

Due to the incidence of mobile searches in local searches, it is not difficult to rank near the top using SEO techniques. The point is; the use of traditional keywords is not advisable because they are too long for mobile searches; people using mobile phones prefer short and easy to type words or phrases. Nevertheless, long-tail keywords are appropriate for Siri and other voice-based mobile search applications because when speaking it is easier to ask more questions.

Determining Mobile Keywords

You may pinch Google AdWord’s Keyword Tool searches to determine your mobile keywords, using the same strategy as you do with traditional keywords. Mobile keywords should be included in your SEO strategy; look for “Advanced Options and Filters”, change “Include Ideas and Statistics for” to your mobile options (default will be “Desktop and laptop devices”). Not only this will help you be on the top of search lists, but, it will also optimize local extensions of your keywords.

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Professional and experienced writer. Master in Education and Entrepreunership.

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