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Have you been looking to get into a smart home?  I’ve been researching smart home integration for a while now.  Today I saw that the Smartthings hub was half off at Amazon ($50) and jumped all in.  Check it out!

At $50, this is a pretty awesome deal!  This is the newest version of the hub, so you are getting the latest hardware and software for the hub.  Compare this with the latest Wink Hub 2 at $89 and you are really getting a great hub for a an awesome price.

Based on my research, I like the Smartthings hub over Wink in general because it is open source and has many more personalized smart integrations.  I’m not afraid to experiment to try and find the best solution.  With a large community, I can find a solution for virtually any use case with Smartthings.  In comparison, the Wink hub is more tightly integrated, so it is a simpler plug and play solution.  The other difference is that the concensus is that the Wink app is prettier and more user friendly than the Smartthings app.  It’s a matter of personal preference, but if you are a tinkerer, the Smartthings hub is an awesome option for you!

Uses for the Smartthings Hub

I already have some plans in mind for the Smartthings hub.  One of the main features of the hub is smart security.  However, I have a wired alarm system.  Doing some brief research, I did see that there was a solution for integrating a wired alarm system to the Smartthings Hub, turning it from a dumb system into a smart system.

One of the Smartthings users created a DIY home solution for himself which he made into simple kits for the rest of the community.  His conversion kit is called Konnected Security.

Konnected Security was exactly one of the solutions that I was looking for.  I didn’t want to purchase an entire new alarm system when I had one that worked perfectly.  But I also wanted more control over my own monitoring.  I couldn’t find a similar solution for the Wink hub, but this fit my needs perfectly for Smartthings.

The Konnected Security conversion kit starts at $49, which I think is a very fair price to convert my existing alarm system.  One of the other benefits of this conversion is that it will go over to wifi.  This means that if you rely on your alarm system calling your monitoring service over a telephone line, you will no longer need that telephone line.

Beyond the home alarm system, I can have smartthings integrated with my wemo lights, alexa, my nest smoke alarm, and ecobee thermostat.  If I decide to add smart locks in the future, the hub will allow me to control my locks remotely.

A vision of the future would consist of my smart alarm automatically detecting when I come home, disarming the system, while my lights turn on and my temperature automatically adjusts to my comfort level.  I can relax and turn on a movie on my plex server.  The hub will detect my movie playing and dim the lights.  As I get ready for bed, I can quickly check my door and window sensors and make sure everything is closed and locked.

I’m really excited for the future!

Check out the Smartthings Hub Now!

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