Important Tips For Making Reseller Hosting Business Work

Reseller hosting business has evolved dramatically over the last few years. It still continues to grow rapidly and shows no signs of decrease, what makes it a really promising business opportunity. Starting your own hosting company can be quite damaging for a small-company budget, since you’ll need to purchase and maintain costly equipment, rent a place for it and configure servers. Also I’m not talking about hiring IT experts to make it work. So, you can either invest a fortune or start from something less budget destroying, like reseller hosting. This type of business allows you to offer hosting services from another provider, but completely on your behalf. This sounds quite easy, though, in order to succeed, there are some important rules you have to stick to:

  1. Choosing a reseller hosting provider and plan. First thing you need to know if the provider is reputable and reliable enough. It is a crucial thing, since this directly affects hosting performance, which is one, if not the most, important part of this business. The reseller plan itself is also important. You should know what is the amount of resources they have to offer, discounts you get, what add-on features they can offer and how customer support works.
  2. Making your services differ from others. First of all, you have to make a market research. To be successful in this field, you have to be able to offer something really special. While the price on hosting is already relatively low, it is quite difficult to play on this ground. The better idea will be to include some free services and features, such as: domain names, basic SEO (search engine optimization) , handy site creator tool or even basic web design services. Just think over what your clients may be interested in, because even a small feature can be a rather effective marketing tool.
  3. Promoting and marketing your services. Before starting to promote your web hosting, you have to make sure your website pages are optimized for ultimate conversions. Some of the basic tips are: visible prices, plans and logos, clear explanation of every plan benefits, special features highlighted (they should be the first thing to notice), large and friendly “purchase” or “order” buttons. The last point (promotion) is extremely important and without it all your efforts will simply be in vain.

After making your website look attractive, you have to think about the promotion. First of all, check if your site is SEO-friendly, so the prospective clients can find it easily when making related searches in Google and other search engines. Next step is to create some buzz in social media networks. You don’t need to register in all of them, but some of the most popular, such as Facebook or Twitter, are a must. It is also important to be active: post at least once a week, try to participate in important conversations by joining large hosting communities. If you want to make social accounts work even better, start a personal blog, concentrating on hosting field issues. It takes quite a lot of time, but will ensure substantial benefits in the long run.

Starting the reseller hosting business is not hard at all, though it takes a lot of time to make it work. However, with the right provider and good business plan it is totally possible to make decent profit. Just try to be different, offer prompt support and don’t forget to be friendly. The image you will create in a first few months will make a huge impact on your business venture’s future. Active promotion is also important, of course. Do you have something to add with regard to this matter? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

James Manner
Author: James Manner

Author’s Bio Post by James Manner - a community and marketing manager at an established hosting company offering economy VPS and reseller hosting services.

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Author’s Bio
Post by James Manner - a community and marketing manager at an established hosting company offering economy VPS and reseller hosting services.

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