How to Save Your Audience from Social Media Content Fatigue

Are feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of data you find online? To win the attention of active Internet users all over the world, marketers are working their way to create different types of content – no matter the quality.


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Not all content you find available on the Web can offer value. The volume of published content such as texts, banners, infographics, videos, etc. – no matter the quality – continues to grow in huge numbers. As a result, many people get bombarded by too much information and suffer from content shock and fatigue.


What content fatigue is about 

Because everyone can now publish their own content, we get devoured by our own output. There is too much information to consume and our human minds can’t seem to grasp and handle them all. When high volumes of content meet our limited human capacity to take them all in, content shock is experienced. And, out of this content shock comes content fatigue.


Content fatigue can happen to both the content creators themselves and their online audience. People experience content fatigue when they get exhausted from the overwhelming and never-ending barrage of online information. So, to be effective, you must find a way to save yourself, audience, and brand from drowning in the stream of content marketing.


How to prevent content fatigue

The social media network is continuously growing. The number of your online competitors are continuously rising. By 2020, it is predicted that online information will increase by a whopping 600%. Can you imagine that volume of information in a few years’ time? Merely thinking about it is already overwhelming. But, you can’t merely sit there and watch.

To save yourself from this experience, you must do something with the way you present your content to your audience. So, here are dos and don’ts to avoid social media content fatigue:


  • (Do) Always have a pen and paper in hand. For the more techie ones, keep your digital notepads ready. The best and freshest ideas pop up at the least expected moments and places, so it’s best to keep track of them. Having a go-to list of ideas will keep you from having nothing to write about.


  • (Do) Continuously get to know your audience. The needs of your audience will vary over time. The content you write for them today may not work a few years from now. So, it’s best to never cease getting to know your audience to make sure that the content you provide them with is valuable.


  • (Do) Develop a unique style guide for your posts. Developing a unique style or personality for your social media posts can help you further establish your brand. More so, a unique style can help your posts stand out from thousands of other content being posted on different social networks daily.


  • (Do) Always practice the quality>quantity principle. With the endless stream of online information, people doesn’t need more – they need better content. Be the marketer who would rather have at least two articles of great value per week than one who publishes five or more mediocre articles.


  • (Dont’s) Refrain from publishing click bait headlines. Capitalizing on people’s curiosity through awful click bait headlines is a desperate move to attract an audience. It may work and make people click through a link, but it will eventually piss them off. It’s also the same as gambling your trustworthiness.


  • (Dont’s) Do not focus on texts and words alone. Provide a wide variety of content to your audience. It can be an image, a video, an infographic, a podcast, etc. Offer your audience content variety because words aren’t enough anymore. Text-heavy content can be suffocating for readers. Incorporate visuals too.

Level up from your traditional posts. Don’t bombard your audience with too much text. Integrate visuals into your social media posts. Click here for a list of free image creation tools.


  • (Dont’s) Avoid writing for everyone. Too general content can’t draw in readership. Determine your niche. Own it and be an expert in it. In the years to come, you’ll be able to establish a following who trusts you. Only publish content you are an expert in. Don’t add up to millions of vague contents online.


  • (Dont’s) Do not lose sight of good grammar and spelling. There are instances where published content online are posted for the sake of merely having something to publish. Thousands of poorly-written articles all over the Internet. Never neglect the importance of good spelling and grammar. Write well.


Try and experiment on the tips enumerated above. Make sure that every content you publish over the Web counts and offers value. Always serve your audience fresh and valuable content to save them from social media content fatigue.

Perhaps the world’s second worst crime is boredom; the first is being a bore,” sums up Sir Cecil Beaton’s quote.


Author Bio: Japs Buidon is a Social Media Specialist and SEO from Always Open Commerce. He loves hiking as well as electronics.


Author: jbuidon

Japs Buidon is a Social Media Specialist and SEO from Always Open Commerce. He loves hiking as well as electronics.

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Japs Buidon is a Social Media Specialist and SEO from Always Open Commerce. He loves hiking as well as electronics.

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