How Much Does It Cost To Develop eCommerce Mobile App

It’s a great desire to build a business or a venture crowded by customers all over isn’t it. Well if you are up with fulfilling your own goal and ambitions, then you must get started eCommerce App Development. An eCommerce app can be your Dream come true.

Comparing to the recent years the eCommerce Application has given a boost to the inter-national Markets. A huge rise has witnessed in demand for the boom of eCommerce application. Globally customers can be targeted without travelling to the market. Advertisement can be done anywhere and in any way.

Depending upon the platform you want to build your app a native app or like a IOS based application Native being the most expensive among all the variety.

Calculating an on an average cost for your application design may range between $2000-$30000.All the other cost may depend upon your application type either Android or IOS. In other words we say IOS apps are the expensive types.

Talking about the development cost it could be a bit expensive as compared to the designing cost. The development cost generally varies around $800 to $90000. And after the development part there are many other things which take place like Application Analyses, etc. It has its own cost which varies between $15’000-$25’000.

Now let’s get on with the additional costs that may add up in your total cost. Like the Equipment can cost you, the database cost you need a database for your application too. Other things like its marketing and advertising can cost .On an average an eCommerce application can cost you around $1’60’000. Android based application usually takes the most time to complete.

Talking about the percentage criteria according to the date there is about 70-80% of the users who buy the products online. Rather going to the store to buy the stuff themselves. The reason behind it is maybe because the product is delivered to your home directly. On addition it’s on discount on the app rather than on the store.

Considering sales, let’s take any accessories a Human being need. As compared to the Stores the revenue done on online application is 125% more than that done on the Store which is a big boom itself in the industry itself for the eCommerce Application.

Certainly you need to know the Advantages of running or having an eCommerce Application.

  • High Quality: Mobile Applications are the smartest & the powerful tool which makes the daily customer task easier in all types of fields. A magnificent e-Commerce Mobile app development provides facilities which both intuitive and robust user interaction between the clients and the company directly.
  • Brand Awareness: With the most powerful tool in your hand you can easily increase your brand awareness and can easily increase your revenue. Brand awareness can be created in many ways on the mobile application, especially when you know that a very large amount of audience is having the mobile application. With all the styles and themes the application offers you can send promotional messages, business can easily connect with their clients on a personal level.
  • Data Collection: Mainly the customer behavior is observed which is mostly used by the businesses. Businesses can gather all the useful data for determining the consumer behavior form the application to offer personalized promotions to them.
  • Marketing Channels: Marketing of these applications is very easy. You just need to have a proper audience for it. Applications are downloaded specifically to be used. These applications are themselves are the biggest marketing channels, marketing messages are channeled through these applications which are meant to be receiving better response those messages sent via marketing channels such as E-Mail’s. E-Commerce sites and application can gather a greater and loyal audience by sending out offers and discounts to applications users via push notification.

Determining the Cost of an E-Commerce App Development

Well certainly there are many factors on which the Cost of Development depends. Some of them are the most important part of the development process. Different platform such as Android, iOS, etc, provides access to different variables. The choice of platforms also depends upon the types of apps which are mainly three types: web-based, native apps, and hybrid apps.

What Platform to Choose?

As talked in the above paragraph the choice of application it is on which mainly the content and the framework is depending. Well with the native apps can be directly installed and can be worked on without any network connection, coming on to the web-based application these applications can only run devices with active internet connection. The hybrid app contains both native and web-based apps.

Comparing all the three types of platforms the native applications are the expensive type and is the most superior category in terms of its functionalities. For maximum utility purposes most of the time is advised to have native app for e-Commerce Development.

Application Design

To make your application look smart and intuitive you must choose the application design wisely. The application design makes the visual appealing towards its audience. The cost of the design for the application ranges in $2000-$30000.

The design of the application covers the cost of the screen design, app icon design, etc. The design cost depends upon what platform you choose to build your application. From all those application platforms native apps are generally expensive among all the other applications. Web-based are generally less expensive than native and hybrid ones are the least expensive. Well in talking terms of Android and iOS, mostly iOS applications are the most expensive to design.

Cost of Creating an E-Commerce Mobile App

As stated earlier, that native application is the most useful application for e-Commerce developments. There are various aspects of the cost in a mobile app development.

There are many aspects in developing an e-Commerce mobile application such aspect can easily affect the cost of developing an e-Commerce application.

Factors which can affect the cost are as follows:

  • Design Cost: It’s one of the phases of the application creation. Most of the time it is observed that people love the appealing design of the application or they are more apt towards it.  Well the design you look at in your application is not that easy to create as I contains numerous elements. Well not to keep you away from the design cost, the average cost falls around $2k to $30k.
  • Wireframe: You can take this factor as another phase for mobile application development. For making an application layout or you can say it as a blueprint which directly increases the speed of application building. Or in simpler words it is the visual architecture of the application that maps out the app layout. There are multiple wireframes created for the application design and then finally the one is selected. The wire-framing cost generally depends upon the complexity of the application. The wireframe cost for the application which has about 2-5 pages generally cost around $500-$600. For the application having more than 5 pages it may cost around $1000-$1500 depending upon the number of pages.
  • Development Cost: The cost of Development may depend upon the number of programmers or developers it takes to create or develop the application. Also there are generally many things upon which the rate of development depends, such as functionalities you want to provide in your application which cost around $10’000 to $100’000. Analysis for the application developed is very important part after the application is developed. The cost of analysis is calculated around $20000-$25000.

There are many such things which still can affect you budget and the overall cost of application

Some of these are:

  1. Social Media Integration
  2. Database
  3. Support & Maintenance
  4. Equipment Cost
  5. Marketing & Advertising
  6. App Store Charges
  7. Platforms Software License


The cost of e-Commerce Development depends upon the time, Developers, functions and its appearance. On average the rate of e-Commerce mobile app development ranges in $35000-$150’000.

Also it depends upon the billing method of the company you hired to develop your e-Commerce application. 

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Endive Software is a leading web and mobile app development company in the USA, providing the best app development services.

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