How I Used Coupons To Host My Blog For Super Cheap

I have always been passionate about telling my stories to the world. If I get a chance to speak, there is no stopping me. Most of the times it is my own opinion about the world and life in general but sometimes I say wise things too. Three years ago I thought to myself why not use the internet to say what I need to say. Like many people, I thought about starting a blog.

Now, I was not really thinking about making money or becoming the next Tony Robbins. It was more like a side thing or a hobby. I did not have a lot of money to spend on this. Right off the start, I had to find the cheapest possible WordPress hosting plan for my website. I started looking for shared hosting plans specifically for WordPress that will not break the bank.

My search did not take too long. After comparing several hosting stores, I found HostGator web hosting to be the best for my budget. The plan offered ample storage, free security, and great uptime. I almost signed up but I thought to myself ‘Wait a minute, can I get it for even cheaper?’ I ran a quick Google search for coupons for HostGator and Voila, I found a 50% off discount code for the same plan I needed to buy.

I clicked on the code and the discount automatically applied. All I had to do was enter the domain, pay the bill, and my blog was ready for hosting. I used all the help there was to set up the blog. Since I used coupon for hosting, I was left with extra money for promoting my blog.

The first year was a lot of struggle but I was adamant to make it work. I shared my posts with my friends, they in turn shared with their friends, and my audience kept growing. A year and a half later my blog was getting around 40,000 visits every month. Not bad for a rookie right?

Few months later, I decided to pursue blogging full-time. My blog was already a success and I was actually making decent money. However, since I was still somewhat a rookie with technology I wanted something advanced and more managed so that I could purely focus on the content. I thought perhaps it is time to find an even better hosting plan. Not that there was anything wrong with my earlier hosting plan, I just wanted something more then.

After quite a lot of search, I came across this website called LiquidWeb. This store offers great managed hosting solutions including a save-your-life kind of Managed WordPress Hosting plan. At first I was not sure whether the move was right. However, reading the reviews and going through the features I could not resist. I decided to transfer my website over there as I also planned on expanding the blog.

This new managed plan was pricier then my last plan. I knew I could bring the price down using coupons as I did the last time. What do you know it worked! I found coupons for LiquidWeb hosting as well. I managed to save a good amount of money for the first year of hosting at this new platform. This plan allowed me to do so much more with the blog because I was not spending my time watching tutorials about new plugins.

Your online presence is crucial for your business even if the end transaction does not happen online. Mind you this presence can set you back a lot of money, especially if you are a startup or a one-man operation. Web designing, domain, hosting, social media marketing etc. can add up to hundreds even thousands of dollars at the end of the year. However, if you play smart and do a little hunt you can find cheap options and coupon codes. Work them together and you walk away with a great service at a low cost. Who doesn’t want that?

I was lucky enough to find the website that gives out coupons for these hosting providers as well as for many others. You can easily find big discounts for many mainstream as well as niche hosting companies. Even if you are saving just $1 a month, it is worth availing. This dollar can go back into your business. Starting with a tight budget is a real struggle but it is not impossible to do everything necessary within that budget. I know because I did and you can too.

Author: Alex944

Self-motivated, having team player qualities with excellent communication and marketing skills and is self-employed from the past few years. Having vast experience in the field of marketing & Blogging.

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Self-motivated, having team player qualities with excellent communication and marketing skills and is self-employed from the past few years. Having vast experience in the field of marketing & Blogging.

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