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Web and software developers keep making life a little bit easier one app at a time. Clean and efficient innovations in business technology replace outdated system and hardware. Emphasizing clean and intuitive user experiences, newly developed mobile apps improve your business functionality and productivity. From mobile payment systems to new takes on the old to-do list, these apps help business run smoothly.

Point of Sale Systems

Mobile Point of Sale Systems (POS) represent one of the biggest innovations for retail and customer service in the past five years. Compatible for use with your smartphone or tablet, mobile credit card readers provide businesses with an inexpensive way to process mobile payments or set-up a cashwrap that isn’t dominated by giant hardware. New mobile payment systems make shopping in a physical retail store as easy as spending money on the internet.

Square, a favorite of on-the-go businesses like food trucks, offers credit card readers and processing through its mobile app. Additionally, as of February of this year, Square began offering its “business in a box” offering all the hardware and software needed to utilize a Square register including card readers, iPad stand, and a cash drawer.

Likewise Intuit, Quickbook’s mobile POS, feeds sales data directly into Quickbooks allowing business owners to quickly analyze sales data, process payments, and oversee spending. PayPal also launched its own card reader, the PayPal Here integrates its functions with a business’s existing PayPal accounts.

ProfitStars offers financial software systems including things like iPay, which offers mobile payment as well as a fully integrated and customizable payment system for financial institutions.

Efficiency and Collaboration

Another huge breakthrough in technology, cloud computing has made it easier to share and synchronously work on documents. Though cloud computing still maintains an air of mystery. It is also becoming ubiquitous. Cloud computing renders carrying a thumb drive around unnecessary and make a the days of floppy discs seem a comical memory.

Google Drive allows user to share, edit, and chat about documents, spreadhseets, databases, and forms. Google Drive also allows seamless access through a mobile app, allowing colleagues to collaborate on work virtually anywhere.

Similarly, CloudOn allows you to use your mobile device to work on Microsoft Office files by streaming the programs directly from your business’s servers.

Task Managers

To-do lists have been around since before the invention of paper, however new task manager mobile apps distill the art of the to-do list down to a science. Gone are the days of errant post-it notes or complicated ledgers. Mobile apps offer the opportunity to swish, click, and remember all the things you need to accomplish.

Simple and elegant, task manager app Clear allows you to pull tasks from other apps like iCal and Facebook to create to do lists prioritized by color (red=get it done now to yellow=low priority). To finish or rearrange priority, simply pinch or click the easy user interface.

Android classic Astrid is now available for multiple mobile platforms including the iPhone. Astrid allows you to track daily tasks and share task lists with multiple users. Astrid also will send push notifications and e-mails about tasks left unfinished.

Toodledoo offers a meaty task manager that doubles as a project manager. Toodledoo prioritizes your to-dos and keeps tabs on how long projects take to complete so it may set realistic timeframes for completion in the future.

The brave new world of mobile devices helps businesses stay focused and on task. Mobile apps offer sleek and easy ways to track productivity, sales, and work efficiently on the road.


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