Effects of Social Media Marketing for the Business

There was a video of two employees preparing food in a fast food restaurant. It was posted and was shared to the public generating millions of views. Imagine how a single video can put the business down or should it be a good video, it may have generated and increased the restaurant sales in an instant. That is how powerful social media is. Years ago, there was a member of a forums board who posted the easy steps in opening a bike lock using a pen. The next day, a video was posted by a fellow member that he was able to pick the lock. And days after, it was on the newspaper that a lot have been searching over the internet for ways to pick the locks of an expensive bike. It is impossible to ignore the potential and possibilities of how social media can affect the market.

Almost everyone have the access to the internet. May it be in a mobile or handheld device or in a desktop computer; anyone can go online and start connecting to people. Businesses have adapted social media marketing because they have seen positive results for their business. And even for business to business marketing, they have considered the potentials of social technology. Multi level marketing businesses have taken the full advantage of creating a network through social media. They have used its full potential in creating an inner circle by connecting with the closest friends and families thus branching out to another connection through them. They have considered social media to be a strategic and effective way brands and the market communicate. Marketers must realize on this effect.

Social media offers channels where customers and brands communicate. These conversations are done in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites available for consumers to interact with each other. Other than that, businesses can listen from their customers and engage with them and build a connection. Network marketing has adapted the trend. Say for a video uploaded on YouTube can generate millions and even infinite conversations. Each conversation can either increase the business sales or put the business down.

Talking about multi level marketing business, where an entrepreneur can increase and grow his business in two different ways. Not just in recruiting members for his circle, also, income is generated through the product being sold. Social media marketing can optimize the target market. For example, a Facebook fan page allows not just the desired audience to be enticed with the business, when the core audience begins to share to their connections, it will broaden the market as well. Meanwhile, individuals who simply search by accident can be potential customers.

Picture this, the moment consumers try on the product, they begin to talk about it online. They are considered the collective crowd who will become the voice for the product. Their testimony will be an advertisement. Keep in mind that 78% trust recommendations from fellow consumers while only 14% trust on ads such as print, TV, radio and the like. In other words, social media marketing bridges the gap between the business and the market.

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Sheena is a plain housewife who has able to manage a home based business and her family for quite some time. She was able to reach MLM success by using tools such as social media for marketing optimization. 

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