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How can you get the best from your teachers and improve student learning? Well the research analysts explain some of the best practices they have found to ensure educator growth and success of learning. As we know teachers are the instructors who enable a wide range of students to learn and are the strongest school-related factor to enhance and improve student learningand development. But who ensure their growth and development? This demands the need for education research for successful teacher development and thus creates a positive and powerful school community.

It has been found that carrying out market research with teachers is difficult as they remain busy during the working hours. Therefore, the analysts try to complete their survey with them over the telephone or sometimes face-to-face to understand what is required and what is not. Every educator has their own beliefs about the best way to teach. But how do they know that their belief is correct? Sometimes it was observed that a few teachers found that giving continuous positive encouragement can improve academic achievement while a few others thought that positive encouragement will make students feel that they do not need to put any effort for their learning development. So which thought process is correct?

With educational research one can get the answer for all the above questions. Educational research can help to identify what is important to improve student’s learning. The researchers aim at developing new knowledge aboutthe teaching – learning situation to improve the overall education system.

  • The research aim at addressing the following variables-
  • What are the best practices for teachers to motivate their students to learn?
  • What are the best teaching practices to help students achieve their goal?
  • How can students effectively learn different subjects?
  • What are the best classroom practices to make classroom learning optimal for students?
  • How does cognitive, social and emotional skills of learners’ changes over time.

Researchers have dug deep into the following four areas of educational system to carry out their analysis:

Curriculum and assessment:

In this section, the analysts deal with the structure and content of the curriculum, the relationship between school structures and curriculum and assessment. They analyse thepurpose of assessment, its methods and timing and the roles and responsibilities involve with it- how many teachers are involved in the curriculum and assessment, their knowledge and skills along with the resource available and quality assurance.

The key questions that they follow is-

  • Why and how improved education systems have has changed the structure and duration of schooling and its curriculum?
  • What aspect of teacher’s capabilities play in designing and implementing changes involved in the curriculum and assessment?
  • How much autonomy do schools and educators have in crafting their curricula?


Analysts have tried to evaluate the characteristics of effective teachers in securing the best candidates and identifying the best practices to make efficient learning. The analysts found that in order to improve the quality and fairness of education teachers should be skilled and able to teach properly. They are central to school improvement.

The following five important areas are researched to developthe overall education system

  • Characteristics of effective teachers
  • Strategies to retain high-quality students
  • Pre-service training
  • Deployment
  • Rewards, professional development and performance management.


Good leadership focuses on developing people’s capabilities rather than on limitations. Researcher found that schools to foster trust among teachers, students, parents and school leaders are more likely to gain academic improvement. Teacher leadership is critical for education and school improvement. Educational researcher found that system that can effectively identify and support quality teaching include the following features

  • Performance assessment that involves teaching  practices and student learning evaluated in different ways
  • Teacher evaluation process
  • Evaluation of teacher team and individual teacher’s performance
  • Feedback related to professional learning opportunities
  • Extensive confirmation of quality teaching for contract.

The researcher also analysed that head teacher also play an important role in promoting school improvement and in shaping the academic effectiveness of school.

System and structure of education (power, duties and funding):

Researchers found that resources in the form of capital investments, funding or payment of salaries are some of the primary devices to form policy. However, effective control over the resources is the key component for successfully implementing policy.

The researchers focused on the following areas to improve the overall education system

  • How power is allocated?
  • What structures high performing education system has chosen?
  • How funding is connected with the systematic distribution of responsibilities within the system?
  • What can be done to ensure the effective and proper use of resources?

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D Smith is a hardware engineer by profession. But that does not prevent him from showing interest in a variety of fields. He is also a web enthusiast and loves to blog on topics ranging from fashion to wedding and from security to environmental issues. Follow me on Google +

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D Smith is a hardware engineer by profession. But that does not prevent him from showing interest in a variety of fields. He is also a web enthusiast and loves to blog on topics ranging from fashion to wedding and from security to environmental issues. Follow me on Google +

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