Dangers That Lurk Online

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great programs for teens to keep in touch with their friends. But if those teens aren’t careful, they can end up finding themselves the prey for an online predator.

They are out there everywhere, the dangers of the internet can be hidden from teens as they haven’t had the experience that us adults have. Here are a couple online dangers that teens can be susceptible to:

Online Predators

Those teens that are shy in nature feel safe in chat rooms as they then have total anonymity. They feel confident and assume a different identity in a chat room, something they cannot otherwise do among their peers. It becomes a case of retreating into a fantasy world because of feelings of inadequacy.

However people who teens befriend online could also use fake aliases and could be predators. These predators realize that teens are at a stage in their lives when they want to test and explore the boundaries of relationships and sometimes need a friend to talk to.

Damaging Their Reputation Online

What your teens say and do online could form the basis for their online reputation, so they should be cautioned about how much personal information and photos they share.

Does your teen realize that a racy picture posted from a friend’s party can follow them around for many years? It can even affect job searches and college admission decisions in their future. It’s our job as parents to make sure that kids understand that everything they do is now out there for the world to see.

It’s okay to post pictures of them with their friends but teach them to avoid posting suggestive pictures, illegal activities or unprofessional pictures online. If they would be ashamed to show their grandmother the shot, then they shouldn’t post it. Also, teach them about being careful about what they write as well.

You never know what they will become. You would hate for your child’s future run for senate to be marred by a questionable status update they posted in their teens. The reality is what your child puts online now will follow them for the rest of their life.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is another danger that can cause harm to your teenagers. Teens can go to great lengths to hassle other teens, often damage reputations and in the process cause severe psychological problems. Teens that are attacked can suffer from serious issues with their self-esteem and even commit suicide because of being bullied. It’s a sad but true reality for teens today.

Parents should keep an eye on their teen’s online activity. Take appropriate action before your teen is irrevocably damaged by online dangers. Many kids will feel like you are spying on them, but really you are just keeping them safe. With so many kids using their iPhones and other devices to access the internet and stay connected with friends, monitoring those devices would be a great start. Using iPhone spy software can help you keep tabs on your teens online as well as other alternatives.

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Alem is an avid blogger and Internet entrepreneur with wide interest in anything that has to do with IM, tech and outdoor activities.

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Alem is an avid blogger and Internet entrepreneur with wide interest in anything that has to do with IM, tech and outdoor activities.

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