Cyber Security’s Ever Changing Role in the Digital Age

Information security has always been an important practice for companies, but with the rise of new digital technology and increased connectedness, cyber security is even more important than ever before. As technology evolves, so too must the role of cyber security in every organization.

One of the best features of the digital age is also what makes it incredibly difficult to control cyber security: no industry, area, or device is immune to technological advances. From customer service and personal information to business strategy and order processing, big data, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things have changed how every aspect of business is done. With that in mind, cyber security also needs to extend to all areas of business. It can be tempting for businesses to focus their commercial security efforts on just a few areas, but the most secure organizations know that every digital area is important.

Internet Security

The Internet of Things

In the digital age, endpoints have never been more vulnerable. IoT has huge potential, but because it is still in the early stages of development, it is still at risk for major security breaches. IoT-connected devices now exist all around us, in everything from industrial machines to consumer devices, which means the potential damage from an attack is even greater. It seems in many cases that hackers are developing their knowledge of the IoT at the same speed as the regular programmers, which means cyber attacks are getting more frequent, aggressive, and sophisticated. Whereas it used to take some time for hackers to discover how to exploit weakness in computer systems and cloud technology, it can now happen almost immediately and nearly every device can be affected. This scary proposition underlines the importance of being constantly vigilant in the fight against cyber attacks.

But what can be done when it seems like the cards are stacked against you? Even the smallest mistake or lapse in development can open the door to a cyber attack. The best way to manage the huge and ever-changing task of cyber security is to integrate it into each application instead of looking at it as a separate entity. Executives at companies across all industries are taking a proactive stance towards cyber security by securing critical data and systems with multiple layers of protection. No system is ever completely without risk, but taking a proactive approach and realizing the danger can lead to staying one step ahead of cyber criminals. Simply putting a wall around the outside of your data no longer works—because everything is so connected, a break in the permitter can allow criminals entrance to essentially your entire network of data and systems.

Building Protection In

In the new age of fighting cyber attacks, security has to be embedded directly into all applications, and all systems must always be on the highest levels of protection. Instead of having users opt into a more secure system, the top level of protection should always be the default. Self-defending apps are constantly changing their security settings, which gives them the power to de-bug and address threats in real time. Protection built into the app also helps protect against internal threats, especially from an employee who could use their insider knowledge to break into the system. With an app that is constantly protecting itself, it is much harder for any internal or external threat to access data they shouldn’t.

Essentially, cyber security in the new digital age comes down to joining the need to protect data with the need to protect apps. The two groups of app protection and data security have traditionally been separate, but integrating data protection into applications and vice versa is instrumental in fighting against cyber attacks. Through all aspects of the digital transformation and as companies embrace new programs and technologies, cyber security must always be a top consideration. As soon as an organization starts to get lax about its approach to protecting data and apps, hackers will start to find a way in. The digital age brings great potential and opportunity, but it also means organizations need to be more vigilant in protecting their customers and employees.

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Tech writer with a focus in big data, data science, and programming.

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Tech writer with a focus in big data, data science, and programming.

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