Creating an Ad Campaign is Simple

If you are trying to expand your business or simply promote your products or services to the public, you need to take time to develop and create an advertising campaign. If you own a television or a radio, you hear at least 20 to 50 ad campaigns per day. Each of these companies have spent money to develop their campaign, to produce the advertisements, and also to have their ads air on radio stations or television channels at the right time. While creating an ad campaign can be an involved process, it is not as difficult as you might think if you have a Colorado ad firm to help. Read on and learn what it takes to create a campaign and why some ad campaigns fail because of poor planning.

Know the True Purpose of an Ad Campaign

If you are marketing on a small scale, you might think that designing and mailing promotional fliers counts as advertising. This is marketing, but it far from advertising. Advertising is paid marketing to a large audience in efforts to connect with the audience, gain their trust, and build brand recognition and loyalty. The message, whether it be a radio ad or a commercial on television, needs to show viewers that the company has a personality and values.

If the primary purpose of an ad campaign is not to earn the trust and respect of your customers, you are not starting off on the right foot. Understand that the secondary purpose of ad campaigns are to generate business but the primary focus should be on educating your clients about what sets your company apart from the competition. If you understand this, you can start creating a campaign that will succeed.

Start By Identifying Your Target Market

The first thing that you learn in Marketing 101 is that you need a target market before you can come up with your marketing or your advertising strategies. This is why the first step to creating an advertising campaign is to identify your target market. Your target market is who the campaign will be designed to speak to. If you do not know who is most interested in what you are offering and how you can connect with them, it is different to reach your customers.

One effective way to identify who you should be marketing to is reviewing your past sales records. Should you focus on a geographic region, an age group, a specific gender, parents or single, or even professionals in a specific industry? When you know which demographics are buying, you can focus on a small group of people and then do research through studies to determine how these customers prefer to be reached.

Which Marketing Channel is the Most Effective for Your Target Audience?

Now that you know who you are trying to reach, it is time to decide which channel is best to promote your company. You can choose between television, Internet, social media, direct mail, media, and radio depending on your budget and your target market. If you are advertising directly to teenagers, it is a good idea to choose a channel teenagers use like social media. If you are advertising stay-at-home moms, advertising in the afternoon on a channel watched by this demographic may be a better choice.

You Must Have a Brand

You cannot produce any type of advertising materials or media without having a brand. Your brand is much more than just your company logo, it is your company’s image. Your brand differentiates your company and your products from the others that are available. It is also what makes it possible for your customers to recognize your company and become familiar with it. You need a logo, a slogan, a message, and also a personality behind the brand. Having a brand to base your advertising campaign off of will help lead you in the right direction so that the campaign directly represents the brand.

Your Advertising Message

When you are advertising a company, you need to have a very focused and straightforward message. It is all about communicating value. You cannot simply say that your company is the best in the industry, you need to tell your prospects why you are the best in the industry. Make sure that the benefits you focus on are unique. If you are selling a green cleaning product, you have to compete against other companies in the green cleaning industry. All of the products are made of sustainable ingredients. But yours might have a fresh smell or a sleek bottle that makes storage easier.

Test Markets Once You Are Done With Your Target Market

After you produce your marketing materials or your media, you can measure the success of the campaign and start all over again. Consider testing a new market that you think may have a need for your products. When you test new markets, you have to start the process at step one to tailor the campaign to a new audience. If you fail to tailor the campaigns, you may fail to connect with viewers.

When you are creating an advertising campaign, each and every step listed above is important. You need to know your target market, know how to reach them, know what they value, and have a brand to advertise. If you do all of this, you can expand your business and most importantly connect with a widespread audience.

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This article was submitted by a guest blogger.  Guest blogging provides an avenue to share a variety of different points of view with a broad audience.  It is a good way to share cumulative knowledge as well as introducing readers to a new author.  Learn more about how to become a contributor for Riches Corner.

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