Costs to Consider When Starting A Business

When starting a business, there are many different expenses to consider. One that many people don’t consider, for example, is marketing. Another cost that people tend to overlook is liability insurance. Here are several costs you may run into when attempting to finance your own startup.

Office or Storefront Costs

While more and more businesses are going online, still other businesses require buying property. A business such as an RV park would require property, as it needs space to rent out. If you’re starting this type of business in Southern California, for example, you might want to carefully consider current San Diego RV park campgrounds are doing and how much it would cost to purchase an existing franchise or business. If you’re starting a storefront, you’ll want to potentially buy office space to sell your product.


When starting your own business, there are several different types of insurance costs you’ll need to insurance.

  • Health insurance: If you are not currently insured and you are in the United States, you may need insurance for yourself. If you are hiring employees, consider whether or not you will have an insurance plan as an option. This can be a huge draw for many good employees.

  • Liability insurance: Many businesses must have some type of this insurance to safeguard against business losses such as those that occur due to theft or natural disasters.

  • Small business insurance: Make sure you have this insurance in the event someone files a lawsuit against your company.

Employee Costs

Many businesses rely on hiring employees. Employees cost money, and most businesses are bound to paying the minimum wage of the location that they are in. Additionally, you may occur costs when hiring employees, such as paying to put out advertisements, job board costs, and worker’s compensation insurance.

Marketing Costs

Marketing costs are often overlooked when starting your own business. When someone has a business that isn’t a “standard” type, such as a laundromat, they may be more expensive to advertise. There are several free marketing tips that you can take advantage of as well.

If you aren’t going to market your own product, you will need to hire someone to market for you. Carefully consider how much this will cost. You will want someone to promote your business to drive up sales and eventually make you money.

A Note About Unique Businesses

If your business caters to a unique set of customers or is seasonal, you’ll need to be careful when drafting a business plan. If you are planning on your business being primarily busy in nice weather seasons, you’ll want to make a plan for expenses when the business isn’t as profitable. For example, if you hire employees, consider making them seasonal, temporary, or contract based.

Business Financing

Once you’ve got your expenses laid out, it’s important to consider business financing for your business. How will you finance your business? Will you be able to obtain business investors? What are your options for financing all of your costs?

Note that many options will require you to pay interest, so be sure to factor this into your expenses as well.

A Note About Business Success

Many people are glad that they started their own business. While risky, it can be a great financial success if you carefully consider all the risks and rewards. If you have hard work, dedication, and a drive to succeed, it will make it much easier for you to start your own business.

Anne Davis
Author: Anne Davis

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