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A Look at How The Smartphone Has Impacted Economic Development

Smartphones are a fundamental part of the mobile economy and the economy at large, due to the simple fact that everyone now has one. A report conducted by GSMA shows that the mobile economy contributed an estimated £3.9 trillion to the international economy in 2018. This figure is set to increase to £4.8trillion by the

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4 Signs You Need to Find Additional Investors for Your Startup

Getting an initial round of investment can be a great deal for any new start-up. At some point, though, you may realize that you need to go through that process again. Below are four signs that it’s time to find a new investor for your start-up. You’re Short on Cash One of the most common

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Importance of having Indoor Plants around us.

From Greenpots and Rajkumar Agro Engineers – Agricultural Products You have to admit one thing that in this hectic and complicated world we all are underestimating the power of Greenery and plants around us. Plants are really important for all living beings. Having Indoor Plants around us turns to be a game-changer as these Indoor plants help’s

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