Big Data in Cloud widely used by Enterprises

Cloud computing and big data have individually evolved as custom software. They are two of the most advanced technologies in the recent years. Cloud computing is a system in which a series of hardware and software can be accessed through any web browser. There is no need of using hard drives to store data as files and software are shared to multiple users and is centralized remotely. Big Data is all about the practice of handling data sets that are so large for the conventional database management systems to handle efficiently. It extracts value out of “Variety, Velocity and Volume” (3V) from the Information Assets available.

Cloud and Big Data when combined together can be used very effectively. Though both are complementary to each other, they have an inherent connection. This combination has become popular among the technical users. They together provide a scalable and cost effective support to business analytics. New perception shows that all the midsize businesses that are serious about increasing its big data initiative needs to use the cloud. Big data is all about getting all kinds of useful data and cloud computing is what is given to the end user out of the collected data.

Big Data includes datasets that are not easy to capture, assist, manage, and process within a bearable elapsed time as their sizes are beyond the capability of commonly used software tools. Cloud computing provides storing, networking and computing for multiple users to use data whenever needed. Both Cloud and Big Data is about delivering value to enterprise by lowering the cost down and bringing VALUE to enterprise. These solutions when used together simplify the whole process, thereby being widely used by enterprises. When the employees of an enterprise have easier access to the data, cloud and big data together helps. Big Data in Cloud provide services like customer relationship management, human capital management, enterprise resource planning and other mission-critical apps which makes the combination beneficial. This combination is scalable and elastic.

While big data is an inevitable phenomenon of the rapid development of the information society, cloud computing is trending widely in technology development. Cloud computing technologies help in solving big data problems. Enterprises that support internal private cloud environment can use a cloud service provider and add big data analytics to their in-house offerings. The rapid increase in big data is a serious problem that is encountered during development and using cloud computing is the ultimate solution. Cloud and Big Data brings in data security and privacy concerns. These solutions when combined let enterprise in building elastic and scalable private cloud solutions.

Hence, in an organization, the combination helps in letting the employees and users access only the data that is relevant to them. There may be different kind of data and a particular user may not need a particular data. As a cloud provider, the organization has all the data and the employee or end user chooses the useful data from the wide database in the cloud. This is why the combination of Big Data in Cloud Is widely used by enterprises today.

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