Author: PColeN

I was born in Indiana, USA. Graduated from Indiana University High School and got higher education in Indiana University Bloomington.
My hobbies are writing, rock music and self-education. Enjoy writing articles about self-education and self-realization. Live and work as entrepreneur in Bloomington, Indiana.
Love to travel!

5 Retargeting Tricks for E-Commerce

Let’s be honest about it, however effective your branding, the problem with advertising is that most people aren’t actually all that interested in your products. They don’t need it, don’t want it or they’re already loyal to one of your competitors. When you show these people advertisements you’re in effect throwing away money. Wouldn’t it

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How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn is the most reputable social media network for professionals nowadays. Anybody looking for a job with major worldwide players (or even small-sized companies) should have a profile there. The thing is that their profile formatting can seem quite daunting for some people, despite the fact it has been inspired in a traditional curriculum or

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