Applying For A Job? – 5 Tips That Every Job Seeker Should Obey

Whether you are searching for employment in your dream career or looking to go to the next step on the ladder of success, it is a frustrating and very exhausting task. There are choice words that can be used to describe just how draining the process is just to find and obtain that job you are looking for.  If you are new to the job hunting arena or a seasoned veteran it is important to understand that you keep a hold of a realistic approach to your goals that you set to meet within your career; in order to do this, follow the follow 5 tips that will help you meet your goals and be successful in your job hunt.

5 Tips that Every Job Seeker Should Obey

1. Time is Essential

There are some job seekers who have an unrealistic understanding of just how long it will take for them to find a new job or get an opportunity to be placed in a new position in the company they are employed with. Here’s a little reality check that you need to grab a hold of, on average most job seekers will be looking for a new job or working to get into a new position over a period of 6 months. The reason for this is because for most companies typically take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to post or advertise, recruit, and interview before they will hire anyone to fill any of the open position they have in their company. It is because of this that job seekers just understand that time is not on your side and keep in mind that patience will be a great virtue that you should take great care of; there are time constraints in every job search, remember this.

2.Fill out Applications Endlessly

Most people do not realize this but for every 25 applications that are completed; one interview will be scheduled and conducted. What does this mean? It means that you should not give up. You will fill out applications until you are blue in the face before you will get an interview and get a job offer. With a driven and focused strategy, you will succeed much quicker than if you were to have a scatter-brained type of focus. You must treat searching for a job as a full-time job until you get the job you want; it is just that simple.

3. It is a Job

As mentioned above, in your job search, you will treat this as a job. In searching for a job you will perform an array of duties that will seem more like a science experiment with the tactics of an attorney where you will gather information from an analysis, data, follow-up information, and research. At the same time you will learn much more about time management than you ever thought you would in just looking for a job; you will learn the importance of proof reading, and making cross-examinations of the people you meet in the process.

Of all of these things, the most important task you will perform is time management; with how busy schedules and your priorities becoming more and more president, reserving at least 6 to 8 hours daily over a period of several days a week is truly the only real way to achieve the success you want in finding the job you desire most.

4. It is Easier to find One if you Have One

One of the things that many do not fully understand is the fact that employers are looking to see that you are currently working; with continuous employment shown on your resume and or your application shows that you are an employable person that employers want.  While continuous employment is not always going to be an option for some because of the current recession that is certainly felt by everyone, keep in mind that during this time of looking for employment while not employed, you should take this time to look for ways to fill the gaps in between. What does this mean?  Simply put, gaps between employments can easily be filled with different and helpful activities that can become resume builders. Things like school, volunteering, and professional development through memberships with clubs like Toastmasters can immediately strike a chord with a potential employer.

5. Follow the 80/20 Rule

If you have not already heard of it, there is a long promoted principle for monetary distribution called the Pareto’s principle. Essentially, this principle is defined as 80% of wealth will come from 20% of the population that directly relates to the work that is performed of a job seeker.  What this mean is that less than 20% of all available positions that are posted anywhere and everywhere to the eye that is looking and more than 80% of the jobs that are filled will be filled before any online job boards, like Monster, will even lay an eye on them.  The reason for this is because most if not all companies and their current employees are typically asked for any referrals that they may have for all upcoming job openings or they will be filled internally long before the positions are advertised.  What does this mean for you? It means you should already be creating and enlisting your network; this is your most important key in the job market that exists today. While you may feel that networking means you are exploiting your relationships in order to achieve a personal gain but this perspective must be changed, otherwise you may lose out on finding your most desired job.

You will also have to pass a background check to be able to get most jobs.  You need to be able to show a employer that you have good morals and that you do not have a criminal background. If you do have a few shady things on your record, from say when you were a teen, you will need to explain these things to the employer and maybe you would still be able to get the job.

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