8 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Career

No matter whether you’ve achieved your job goals or not, no matter how ambitious you are, you can go further your career ladder or step down. Staying where you are is almost impossible, because if you haven’t been promoted for a considerable period of time, people start thinking that you’re not good enough. If you don’t want to sabotage your career, you should avoid the following things:


#1 Feeling Sorry for Yourself

I need some rest! I have a right not to do it (now)! I feel I’m getting sick! Why should I work, when I’m that tired?! Do you often say those things to yourself?

Why You Should Avoid It

Don’t fool yourself thinking that everybody does that. Many people never feel sorry for themselves. This is a strictly personal trait, but to be honest, it is really widespread.

What You Should Do

Be more positive about such things like being tired or ill – this is not the end of the world! You’ll get better much sooner if you keep smiling and stop complaining even to yourself. Try to understand whether you’re really overloaded, or it’s only a way to procrastinate. If you really have a problem, solve it!


#2 Setting Too High Standards for Yourself

This is a typical mistake for many young people, who only start working or those who’ve decided to shift careers and start all over again.

Why You Should Avoid It

You keep working nights and days, juggling multiple projects, and never saying ‘no.’ You get noticed and praised. You can also get promoted quite soon. But you will not be able to overwork all the time. When you’re out of energy, you’ll disappoint those who’ve started expecting miracles from you.

What You Should Do

Don’t think that you work less hard than others. As Bill Gates said,  if you do so, you are insulting yourself. Find your own pace. Mind that it is impossible to work all the day round.


#3 Being Negative Towards Other People

It can be noticed that friendly and understanding people are more productive. But sometimes the desire to say something mean is stronger than you.

Why You Should Avoid It

When you say something about others, people you are talking to reflect your emotions, so they subconsciously feel negative towards you. Plus, being negative takes too much energy. In Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion, you basically get what you spend your time doing. Do you want to spend it complaining about people around you?

What You Should Do

Don’t say mean things about your co-workers. Try to spend more time thinking about yourself than about others.


#4 Being Irresponsible

You should not overwork, for sure.  But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take any responsibility.

Why You Should Avoid It

Your primary goal is to show yourself to the best advantage. Sometimes, you may feel like this task is too hard for you, so you try to avoid risks. This doesn’t really work for your job and for your personal life. Elon Musk said it once: as you get older you start taking risks not only for yourself but for other people as well. Such responsibility is what you are appreciated for.

What You Should Do

Challenge yourself repeatedly to become better each day. Estimate the time and effort the task will take, and if it is appropriate for you, do your best!


#5 Solving All the Problems

This doesn’t only concern projects. Daily office routines can become overwhelming for you as well.

Why You Should Avoid It

If you try to solve all the problems at your workplace, soon you’ll get really loaded with them. It will be you to order the food. It will be you to organize parties, etc.

What You Should Do

Delegate. If your boss and co-workers can ask you, why can’t you ask them? When it comes to your boss, try to explain that you don’t have enough time to do your job because of all these little things. If he or she insists, say “Yes, but…” Your ‘but’ should be as strong as a fortress. This will make your boss ask someone else.
#6 Chasing Wrong Goals

Your ambitions mustn’t get in your way. If you only think of getting promoted, you will never get what you want. If you want to be rich, there will never be enough money from you. If you only work to pay your bills, you will never feel inspired to go on.

Why You Should Avoid It

Some of the greatest people, including Steve Jobs, mentioned that it is important to make your goals clear. Besides, the motivation has to come from within. Not every person is blessed with a job they LOVE and you might feel like you work in vain. But can your company operate without what you do? Probably, not. You can be replaced, of course, but so can your boss.

What You Should Do

Do your job and do it right. This will lead to appreciation, which, in turn, will lead to promotion. Enjoy the working process, or at least find positive sides in what you do.


#7 Not Thinking of Personal Growth

If your job is already quite time-consuming, and you want to do it the best way you can, you don’t always find time for reading, training, learning foreign languages, etc.This is one of the main mistakes hard-workers make.

Why You Should Avoid It

The point is you are good at your place. Why would you be promoted? Your bosses are satisfied with what you do, so they don’t want to change anything. And when a person comes, who works better than you, you can even get fired. Improving yourself and developing new skills is equally important for your career and your personal life.

What You Should Do

Don’t stop at the top. You will be a better employee, a better friend, a better parent and so on. Everybody will benefit from your personal growth – especially you!


#8 Forgetting to Praise Yourself

No one can give you more energy and motivation to build the career than you. Praising yourself is one of the best motivators ever.

Why You Should Avoid It

There are plenty things we do wrong. Many people get disappointed, thinking that mistakes would ruin their career and there’s no turning back. As a result, they give up, stop working hard, which can even lead to discharge.  

What You Should Do

When you’ve taken all our tips into consideration, when you’ve completed a small task, when you’ve done something wrong but understood your mistake – praise yourself!


Mind that this list didn’t come out of nothing. A lot of people make them. Besides, they are only critical if you don’t want to work persistently on yourself and your behavior. Consider any of this list as an experience, not a mistake. Don’t blame yourself. Draw right conclusions!


With a background in education and entrepreneurship, Jake Lester currently writes for the educational blogging project ProWritersCenter. Jake writes for many blogs and gives useful advice for entrepreneurs, students, and educators. He likes to cover stories in productivity, careers, and education. Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook 

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