6 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Business Event

It doesn’t matter how big or small the event, or if you’re planning a business seminar or awards ceremony, it’s never an easy job to get everything running exactly to budget. Making a short list of ways to reign in the spending should be a top priority if you’re planning a business event. Here’s some obvious cost cutting tricks to get your mind in budget saving mode!

Go Easy On The Food

Apart from booking the venue itself, food and snacks are probably the largest drain on the event’s budget. You need to make a bold decision and decide whether you’re going to actually feed the guests, or simply provide a light buffet and snacks. It’s going to be much cheaper to get a catering quote for a simple buffet than trying to arrange a bespoke, freshly cooked menu.

Ditch The Paper Invites

No one will think less of your company if you forgo the expensive printing and posting of invitations and simply send email invites. It’s possible to find many decent invite apps that will send really well designed HTML emails and manage all of the attendance numbers too. As a bonus, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by going paperless too!

Avoid Having A Free Bar

This is a massive budget drainer. In fact, the promise of a free bar will often mean you’ve got a legion of guests that are only at your event for the drinks. A much safer bet is to issue complimentary drinks tokens as guests enter the building. It’s much easier to keep track of spending, and if anyone runs out of tokens, they’ll simply have to pay in the regular way. Issuing tokens often has a positive effect on networking too, as people try to ingratiate themselves by giving away their tokens.

Use A Smaller Venue

This could have a massive impact on the budget. If you’re not catering for a huge sit down meal, and you aren’t inviting thousands of guests, there’s no point hiring a massive venue that you can’t fill. Think outside the box and book a garden with a tent. You can use concert style bar services, mobile fridge and freezer hire from companies like www.icecooltrailers.co.uk, and find a catering company that’s used to festivals and shows. All this will make for a much more memorable event.

Lose The Decor

You really don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on those decorative table flowers. Losing them, and any other pointless decor, will save a fortune. It’s much better to find a classy venue with a good lighting setup.

Find The Right A/V Company

If you aren’t technically minded, find a colleague who is. You must make sure you don’t get charged a fortune for excessive A/V services like projectors when you don’t really require them. It’s important to liaise with the speakers at the event and understand their needs too.

So there you have it. Some great tips to ensure you don’t blow the event budget too quickly. You never know, with a little forward thinking and some innovative choices, you might even impress the boss as well!

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a freelance writer and personal trainer. He enjoys marathon training and travelling the world with his 2 dogs.

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