6 PPC Networks to Grow Your AD Campaign in 2019

Companies’ inclinations for hiring the PPC management services have been highly witnessed in the year 2018. In 2019 also, there are the speculations that PPC will get more success. When it is talked about PPC, Google AdWords and Bing Ads probably come in mind of the entrepreneurs. But, due to the success of the PPC model, a number of companies have come have jumped into the race.

In the PPC model, you pay some bucks to Google, Bing or the other companies offering the PPC services. To get serious leads and higher traffic on your website, you need a proper PPC management, for which you are required to hire a PPC management company.

But, first, you need to decide which PPC service is best suitable according to your enterprise. There are a number of excellent PPC networks, which you can try.

Starting from Google AdWords and Bing Ads, here are some of the best PPC networks to grow your ad campaign in 2019.

  1. Google AdWords

It will not be wrong to say that Google AdWords is the father of PPC and is still a leader in the world of PPC networks. Today also, it is the best option for PPC without any second thought. Google is for any type of campaign regardless of niche. It features a huge network including millions of third party websites.

Despite its competitiveness, it is the first choice of a number of advertising agencies. The prices of Google AdWords can, of course, be higher as compared to the lesser known network, but it is an established fact that Google is most used search engines in the world. Even in many instances, Google has become a synonym to “internet search”. Even most of the SEO campaigns are also done for the Google algorithms, and this is the Google algorithm, which scared the undeserving websites most. But, of course, AdWords is different than SEO, and John Rampton of Forbes claimed it “faster than SEO”.

  • Bing Ads

Bing Ads can be considered as the best alternative to the Google AdWords. Bing is unquestionably the second most used search engine of the world. You cannot ignore Bing if you want a successful ad campaign. According to marketing expert Neil Patel, “ignoring Bing can be a big mistake and not advertising yourself on Bing might result in you leaving a lot of money on the table.”

There is one more reason was given by Neil Andrews of PPC Project that is worth considering understanding why choosing Bing can be a right option. In the words of Andrews, “Bing PPC primarily uses 2 search engines to display its ads. The first is its own engine Bing search with was launched as a viral to Google and Yahoo at the time back in 2009. The second search engine is Yahoo which Bing has a deal to display their adverts on the network. Combining both search engines together and Bing PPC has a large network with a big audience reach.”

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook is still being used by more than 2 billion users across the world, despite the fact that some users have switched to other platforms. Therefore, the campaigns on Facebook cannot be ignored. When it comes to ad campaigns, the power of this social media platform is increased a lot.

Facebook ads have some unique features as compared to other PPC networks.

  • Facebook Ads allows the advertisers to use the targeting options, which are not available at other platforms. You don’t have to focus on the specific keywords in case of Facebook Ads. Instead, the advertisers can go into more depth and can target the individual interest and likes of the Facebook users, which is not possible in case of other PPC networks.
  • In Facebook Ads, advertisements are hard to block. In the case of other platforms like Google, an ad blocking plugin and remove the paid adverts. In Facebook, the sponsored posts are merged into the news feeds of the users, which is why it is difficult to block.
  • Some time ago, Facebook Ads have also added Instagram to the network.  It makes it possible to advertise on Instagram using the same PPC network.  This is why the reach of the network is increased.
  • Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser makes great Adsense advertisers at it is not so well known network and is full of economical clicks. The cost of Bidvertiser is very much lower as compared to the larger PPC networks. This is a great option for smaller advertisers without any second thought. Bidvertiser displays it ads on third party websites, which sign up under the revenue share scheme. Publishers get a part off the cost per click for the displaying the advertisements on their websites.

  • AdRoll

AdRoll offers a different type of model for the campaign. It is a retargeting network of choice for a number of online advertisers. You can actively target visitors who have already visited your website to bring back on your website. These ads are displayed as the users browse other websites, which attracts their attention and brings them back.

AdRoll uses the massive ad exchange and places your adverts on thousands of different sites, which remind the visitors occasionally about your website.

This is true that retargeting is possible on other platforms also, like Google, but on the other platforms, it works only for certain websites. AdRoll is a perfect platform to combine all the networks, and you can consider it if you are planning to avail PPC Management services.

  • Clicksor

For the contextual PPC network for banner advertising and contextual advertising, Clicksor is the perfect PPC network. Clicker boasts of over 15,000 premium publishers, and it serves over 3 billion impressions every month. It consists of a huge network, which is suitable for all.

Conclusion These are a few PPC networks that you can use for PPC Management in the year 2019. In the same way, you can search for some more such networks that can be suitable for your business. But, as mentioned in the beginning, you need a proper PPC Management campaign in order to get the complete benefits. For the PPC Management campaigns, you require to hire the services of some ideal PPC Management Company. You can take our assistance also in this regard. We have a team of PPC experts, who can accomplish all the procedure for you.

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Shubham is working with Canbayinc as Digital Marketing Officer. He loves to write helpful information related to SEO and social media, best practices and tactics on a regular basis. He is passionate about football and loves to get some dust off his boots whenever free.

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Shubham is working with Canbayinc as Digital Marketing Officer. He loves to write helpful information related to SEO and social media, best practices and tactics on a regular basis. He is passionate about football and loves to get some dust off his boots whenever free.

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