5 Ways to Curb Your eCommerce Cart Abandonment Rate

Picture this. You go to the supermarket, spend your valuable time finding those daily essentials (as well as the impulse purchases, you get to the checkout….and then decide to leave the store, leaving behind a full basket of groceries! Sound odd? Well this exactly what happens online for up to 70% of your potential customers.

Why does this happen?

There are various reasons for this, and two of them happen to significantly impact why customers abandon their shopping carts – Price and Timing.

Turning visitors online has always been a hurdle but in recent years, thanks to a shift in web technologies and a better shopping journey overall, the process has been streamlined for today’s online customer. Primary transparencies such as being upfront about shipping policies, showcasing a trustworthy outlet, and others – results in encouraging more checkouts and fewer cart abandons.

There are times when a customer walks away without completing their purchase despite having started and got as far as the checkout. The following paragraph will offer you some tips on how to target customers that can come back and complete their purchase.

Unexpected Costs

Did you know that 69.89% of online shoppers leave before purchasing? 56% of these online shoppers are abandoning their shopping cart due to unexpected costs incurring. What could these unexpected costs be?

A lot of times, unexpected costs could be high shipping prices, long delivery times, extra fees, etc. Some extra fees that come up could be like buying tickets online. When you’re checking out for your ticket, you can be presented with a multitude of different fees. You could get charged a service fee for buying the tickets, a convenience fee for the website lets you print out your tickets instead of picking them, and the list just goes on and on! If the customer is presented with so many hidden fees while trying to buy from you, you can bet on them leaving your eCommerce website without buying a single thing and probably heading over to your competition.

Free Shipping

In 2013, Shop.org reported that 34.9% of internet retailers now offer some method of free shipping and in the same year they saw a 51% increase in eCommerce merchants offering year-round free shipping. This trend is starting to point to the importance of free shipping. Online sellers are starting to believe that they need to have free shipping in order for them to be competitive. While for small eCommerce business owners providing free shipping may be quite costly, there are other ways for you approaching the situation.

Just Browsing

Ever go into a store at the mall and have a sales associate ask you if you need help with anything? I could only assume your answer may be something along the lines of “Oh, I was just looking.” When it comes to online shoppers, it’s basically the same thing. In fact, 99% of online shoppers won’t buy on the first visit. However, 75% of these online shoppers that abandon their carts have the intention of buying. As a result, this is where communication between you and your customer is important. You can send out emails based on your customer’s shopping behavior. Knowing the consumer decision-making process will help you understand the concept behind the different steps that your customer will take before finally being converted into a paying customer.

At this point of the consumer decision-making process, what Best Buy could do is send a targeted email based on your shopping behavior. Meaning, that they could send out an email to you if they notice a particular product has been sitting idly in your shopping cart for “X” amount of days. Lee Kenny from Digital Renovators Halifax asks eCommerce webmasters to implement email marketing campaigns based on behavior in order to boost your conversions.


Everybody loves a good deal. Discounts can bring customers back, and take care of their hesitancy in making that purchase – offer those that visited product pages and shopping cart targeted offers.

Roll out a Personalized Ad or Page

Want to nudge a potential shopping cart abandoner? Consider making a personalized Ad about the specific products they showed interest in but did not go on to buy. This Ad will take them back to the same point in their decision-making process and serve to nudge them again.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes a little nudge is all it takes!

Through applying these tips, you can bring back customers from abandoning their shopping carts altogether. This can increase the conversion rate on your eCommerce website substantially, and in some cases, exponentially.

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A Blogger. Pop culture junkie & reality TV junkie. Pittsburgh lover. I would literally die without caffeine. Follow me on Twitter.

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A Blogger. Pop culture junkie & reality TV junkie. Pittsburgh lover. I would literally die without caffeine. Follow me on Twitter.

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