5 Tips to Help you Save Money for your Next Family Vacation

Considering its July already, either you have already gone on your summer vacation or you have already paid for one that you are about to embark on. But saving up money for a family vacation involves a process that needs to be implemented all year round. Therefore, it’s never too early to start saving for next year’s getaway.

Finding ways to save money during the course of the year enables you to book the vacation you want without having to rely on credit cards or drastic, last-minute cuts in the household budget. Here are five very simple but fantastically effective ways to save money for your next family vacation.

Get a piggy bank

Putting all of your change into a piggy bank or jar at the end of the day is a truly underrated method of saving money. Emptying out your pockets after work every day and throwing the change into a piggy bank can add up very quickly. Empty the change jar at the end of every month, and take it to the bank to get it the coins exchanged for bills. When you get back home, put the bills away in your vacation savings envelope. You will be surprised at how much money you will be able to set aside this way.

Plan out your shopping

The best way to spend less when shopping is to make a shopping list. But most importantly, you need to try and stick to it as precisely as possible. Make a detailed list before you go grocery shopping. Sticking to your grocery list and avoiding purchasing items that you don’t need, really can really save you a lot of money in the end. And if you couple this method with effective coupon cutting, you will be able to save even more. Most people know how much they spend on groceries each week on average. Once you have implemented this method, take whatever money is left over from your average weekly expenditures at the grocery store and add it to the vacation fund.

Have a yard/garage sale

As the old saying goes, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Cleaning out your closets and have a garage sale or yard sale to get rid of all these things that you no longer need can provide you with some excellent additional income. Scour your closets, basement, shed, and garage and gather together all of the items that you no longer see a use for in your everyday lives. This can include old clothes, toys, tools, furniture, and just about anything else for which you no longer have any use. No matter what the item is, there is bound to be someone who will be willing to pay some money to take it off your hands. You can get good money for old jewelry at your local pawn shop and you can sell old video games, records, baseball cards and other types of collectibles on EBay with ease.

Pack your kids’ lunches

If your kids are eating cafeteria food every single day, you can be saving a lot of money by packing lunches for them. Packing a lunch takes very little time and this practice can save you a lot of time in the long run. Take the money that you set aside for them every week and use it to buy sandwich meats, toast, fruits, pudding packs, juice boxes and whatever else you might want to pack for them. You will be surprised at home much money will be left over the amount you were giving them to spend on cafeteria food every week.

Pick a pleasure and impose limits

Everyone has a certain pleasure that they love to indulge in – one that isn’t cheap, but makes you happy. You don’t have to abandon these pleasures completely, but imposing a few limits on these favorite things will put a lot of extra money in your pocket. For example, if you really love your gourmet coffee, try to do without it every other week. Get your morning beverage at your favorite coffee shop for a week, and then make your own coffee at home or drink the office coffee next week. These breaks from your favorite brand of coffee will make you not only appreciate it much more when you are indulging in it, but also allow you to save you a lot of money over the course of the year.

These are only a few of many little tips that will allow you to put money away for your family vacation all year round. Saving money is all about being aware of how much you are spending and understanding that there are ways to slowly accumulate savings by spending wisely all year round instead of imposing drastic budget limitations on a short-term basis.

Author: David.Lazar

David Lazar is a regular blogger at PDF Converter blog. With a background in journalism, he specializes in writing blogs on a variety of topics, including freelancing, careers, finances, technology and new media.

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David Lazar is a regular blogger at PDF Converter blog. With a background in journalism, he specializes in writing blogs on a variety of topics, including freelancing, careers, finances, technology and new media.

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