5 Essential Things To Remember At Your Next Office Party

Sometimes work can get very stressful and each day seems like a struggle. You might get to the point where you’re arguing with your colleagues on a daily basis. Everyone just needs to chill out, which is why your employer will throw lots of parties throughout the year. Dancing around the Christmas tree is an easy way for anyone to get rid of all that built up stress. Meeting Santa Claus is just the cherry at the top of the cake.

You do have to be careful otherwise you could do something stupid. You wouldn’t be the first person who had to take a day off after a big party because they couldn’t face anyone. Some people even mess up to the point where it damages their career. You don’t want anything bad to happen to you, so you must make sure you play by the rules. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to remember because they will keep you safe.

Remember who you’re drinking with

When you work for a big company you definitely won’t know everyone and there will be people there who are very high up in the food chain. These people don’t really appreciate the same things an intern would. You can’t high-five them and slap them on the bottom as they’re coming off the dance floor. Don’t think about forcing them to down a row of shots. Just remember that some people are well above your pay grade and you should be respectful of them at all times.

Take advantage of the situation

Let’s look at things from another angle. We’ve already talked about the fact there will be a few powerful people at the party, so what do you think you should do? Should you ignore them because they make more money than you, or should you try to befriend them because it could help your career? You definitely can’t take advantage of someone in a sleazy way, but you can have a have a good conversation with them in the hope they remember you.

Don’t go overboard

You probably think I’m going to tell you not to go overboard on the drink, but I’m sure you already know crawling around the floor isn’t going to go down well. You should instead be thinking about the way you dress because you don’t want to be the person who looks like an idiot. There is always one person who stands out a lot more than everyone else and it’s never in a good way. You should be more interested in blending in rather than trying to peacock.

Plan your escape

Nobody wins any medals for standing around until the bitter end, so when the party is coming to a close you should be thinking about slipping out the door. This will only work if you plan something well in advance, so ask someone to pick you up or arrange a taxi before you go out. This is another one of these tricks that will help you blend into the crowd, because the last few people who stagger out the door talking double-dutch will always leave a bad impression on someone.

Get someone to look out for you

You won’t want to be friends with everyone at the party and at times you will be really annoyed with someone you’re talking to. It’s not like you can make your excuses and go to the toilet every 5 minutes or people are going to start getting suspicious. If you have a good friend who is at the party it would help if you have each other’s back. If they give you the secret signal you should go and help them, or if you give them the signal they can come to help you.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

As long as you don’t make a complete idiot of yourself there shouldn’t be too much fallout. Just remember to enjoy yourself because it could be a few months until the next office party. If you do mess up you should just cross your fingers and hope everyone forgets about it in a hurry.

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