3 Clean Approaches to Social Media Branding

Throw a pebble into the blogosphere these days and you’ll doubtlessly hit a million articles about how to use social media in branding your business.  If you throw it high enough, chances are it’ll hit a million more on the way down about which are the most effective social media platforms to use in general.  If you, like so many others in the ecommerce world, have bought into some or many of the wrong articles on these topics, then you may find yourself in a precarious social media predicament, or at the very least, utilizing ineffective social media marketing strategies.

Aside from hiring the best reputation management company out there to do your bidding, which is undoubtedly a great way of getting your online reputation back in order, here are some other considerations you may want to think about as well.

– Quality, not Quantity

When it comes to mediums like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, many companies make the mistake of utterly spamming their corporate pages, feeds, walls, or what-have-yous with an incessant barrage of useless content.

If you haven’t figured it out already, customers don’t like to be overloaded with advertising or spammy material.  For Facebook and Twitter, don’t post every five minutes about the goings on within your company walls – rather, give us quality information that we care about, like a promotions or news that’s relevant to the consumer.

In the case of Instagram, don’t give us 12 pictures a day of the same product, which leads us to our next point.

– Consistency

Consumers and followers of social media pages and applications like consistency.  As far as the Instagram example goes, keeping your picture postings at a consistent and relatively low number, like say 2 a day, is generally a good way to keep followers interested and aware of your existence, without aggravating them.

The same is true of pretty much all social media platforms; keeping your posting consistent on a daily or weekly basis is a good way of staying relevant, without being unrelenting and obnoxious.

– Originality

Coming up with original content and promotions or ways to keep your customers or potential customers involved in your business is key to staying on the radar and keeping up with competition.  Brand’s like Levi’s, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and INGO have done just that through three different campaigns through three different social media venues.

Levi’s used Instagram to get customers involved by asking everyday people to submit their own personal photographs of themselves or friends wearing Levi’s apparel with the hashtag, #iamlevis, in search of the next Levi’s apparel model.

Kraft Macaroni& Cheese used Twitter to leverage it’s brand in another unique way:  whenever two separate people tweeted the words “macaroni and cheese,” at about the same time, Kraft would send both a link stating a “Mac & Jinx,” as in the childhood phrase/game, jinx.  The first to reply back would get five free boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, in addition to a t-shirt.

INGO, the resulting company of a merger between two Swedish ad agencies, asked Facebook users to login to see the companies new name; every time someone did so, their Facebook profile picture was added to the logo, until four hours had gone by, and the complete logo was finished, comprised of over 2,890 fan photos.

No matter your company or brand, there are usually always some great ways to go about setting up a successful social media marketing campaign.

Hopefully this post, which is now another of the many millions that pebble may bounce across, will help lead you to starting and maintaining a successful campaign of your own.

Author: bwilcox

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