10 Promotional Items That Can Help Your Business

What do you think of as soon as you see a black, rounded checkmark? A yellow coloured M? A simple blue background with a small white bird in the centre? Thanks to marketing and constant brand awareness most of us can pick out Nike, McDonalds, and Twitter as soon as we see their logo—even without the company name plastered alongside it. This is because these companies have made it their mission to be recognizable through repetitive marketing campaigns using multimedia such as print, online, and on-air advertising. By posting their logo where the public will see it (again and again) they have managed to stay ‘top of consciousness’ keeping their company and products fresh in people’s mind. You have a craving for a burger? You think—there’s a McDonalds down the street! You need a new golf shirt? You remember, doesn’t Nike make those? You continuously buy into what is known and familiar and these companies have made sure you and your subconscious connect with them!

Now how can you take these principles and make them work for your business? Chance are you aren’t renting out a billboard or having a Blimp fly over a football stadium, but there are ways to keep your branding and logo on peoples’ desks, fridges, and purses using promotional items that are eye-catching, useful, and will remind the public of your company when they are in need of your service. Here are a few of our favourite items that can help boost your business!

1. The traditional ballpoint pen—How many times a day do you search for a pen to solve a crossword puzzle or jot down a grocery list? Pens are great promo items as you can order a large quantity at a bulk price. Printing your name, logo, phone number and website on a pen is a good way to get your name out to a large number of people in a format they are bound to keep. Whether they throw it on their purse or keep it in the kitchen drawer, it will be an item that they see over and over again when they require it, bringing your name and business back into the forefront of their mind.

2. Mugs—With everyone choosing to go a little more green these days, standard ceramic or reusable coffee mugs help to save the planet and get your name out to the public. The average person has 1-2 caffeinated beverages daily; imagine the airtime your business would get if they were drinking it out of a sharp design adorned with your company’s phone number! Not only will the consumer be reminded of your great service, but they will be inadvertently promoting for you as they carry it around! The same idea goes for #3…Environmentally friendly water bottles and #4…

4. Reusable shopping bags—This is something that people keep on them in their car or on their person so they are prepared when making a purchase. Why not have your name and number or any custom signs on the bag that they will be carrying in public places? Make sure the font is clear and large enough to be read from 6-10 feet back. Even if people aren’t calling about your product or service from these promo items, your name will be ingrained in their mind the more they see the logo and will be more apt to select your business when looking through a list of names as they will have been exposed to your branding previously. This brings us back to the idea of familiarity.

5. USB Flashdrives—Our society has become one of gadgets and gizmos, jump aboard the techno train and provide people with something fun and of utilitarian value. They will be more likely to keep this item when they receive it as they will perceive it as some of increased value. Again, each time they go to save a document or transfer a file, your company will get a little screen time too!

6. Keychains—simple, cost effective, and if you choose an interesting shape or slogan, its bound to be a conversation starter every time your client leaves the house. Be creative here! Think about a mini-stressball if you are a massage therapist, a flashlight for electricians, or even a bottle opener for a local pub! Choosing a keychain that is multipurpose will ensure greater use and better exposure!

7. Bar accessories—People love things they can use, and even more things that are free! Why not give them both? Be it a bottle opener, cork screw, or wine stopper—these are all items they will save and your name will be on the town every weekend! Bonus exposure for visiting guests in need!

8. Fridge Magnet—A unique business card that has a good chance of avoiding the trash is to be printed on a magnet. Clients will be reminded of your services each time they make a trip to the kitchen. For increased value, think about a kitchen conversion chart that engages clients each time they are making a recipe! Another great magnetic idea to get your name out there is a car magnet. Promote your business everywhere you go with your branding on wheels!

9. Notepad—a simple post-it pad is cost-effective and has your branding repeated throughout the product keeping your name and number at easy access.

10. Daytimer—Another great promo item is a pocket-sized appointment book that has helpful information like numeric conversions, national holidays, and other useful tips along with a day timer to keep your client organized. Add bonus coupons for your client, family, and friends that they can rip out and use at your establishment as incentive for return use of your service or product.

The above items are simple everyday items that people use already. Fill a niche, put your name on it, and make your business is first to mind when they looking! Be creative! Any item can be a promo if you put your stamp on, contact Club Ink who says “Anything is possible, if you have an idea, we can print it.”

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Clinton Haglund who rose from Toronto . He completed his Masters in Business Administration from Rot man school of management in Toronto. He had a great passion to business and currently he is running a business in Ontario. Clinton has a knack for helping ambitious business people and to determine how they can get more with less by focusing and refining their business strategy and processes.

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This article was submitted by a guest blogger.  Guest blogging provides an avenue to share a variety of different points of view with a broad audience.  It is a good way to share cumulative knowledge as well as introducing readers to a new author.  Learn more about how to become a contributor for Riches Corner.

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